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A large number of the employes of THE CALL, who class themselves among the best bicycle-riders in San Francisco, met yesterday afternoon in Trueworthy's Park Cyclery on Fulton street, opposite Golden Gate Park, for the purpose of organizing THE CALL Bicycle Club.


The Park Cyclery, in which The Call Club Was Organized.


During the afternoon the members of the club were shown over the new cyclery by Mr. Trueworthy, who has built one of the most extensive ones in the City and who is completing arrangements to build San Francisco bicycles.

At the close of the meeting a vote of thanks was tendered Mr. Trueworthy for his courtesy, and then Captain Spalding ordered an informal run to the Cliff. Twenty of those present answered, and forming into line made a splendid run through the Park to the beach and back.

"THE CALL" BICYCLE CLUB - It Was Organized With a Large Membership at the Park Cyclery. - The San Francisco Call, 26 Aug 1895

Geary 672. Vidy & Trueworthy, Peerless Cyclery, 2934 Fulton.

Telephone Directory, San Francisco, California, Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co., October, 1898, page 131

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