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Santa Rosa, CA



Bicycle Club.

The Santa Rosa wheelmen met on Tuesday night and organized a bicycle club. Fifteen or twenty persons were present, and the following officers were elected: H. A. Carlton, president; G. W. Rogers, vice president; Albert Sawyer, captain; Herbert Moke, secretary and treasurer. The meeting adjourned until next Tuesday at 7:30 P. M. at Sawyer’s jewelry store. The charter is open to all resident wheelmen in Santa Rosa and vicinity who are invited to attend and join the club. The organizers have every reason to think the club will be a great success.

Sonoma Democrat, Volume XXXV, Number 28, 23 April 1892

The Santa Rosa wheelmen are coming to the front. They will go to Healdsburg today, and will be a prominent feature of the parade. The club has adopted for their colors sapphire and mandarine, and have also chosen a handsome new badge. The badge is of sapphire and reads, "Santa Rosa Wheelmen, Organized April 27, 1882, Santa Rosa, Cal.” There is also printed on the badge a picture of a bicycle running at full speed propelled by the club's enterprising president. The membership of the club is steadily increasing.

CHAT ABOUT THE CYCLE. - The San Jose Road Club and Its Members. - General Interest in the Race Meets to Be Held To-Day - High Jinks in the Redwoods. - The San Francisco Call, Jul 4, 1892

The list of bicycle events to be run at Santa Rosa next Thursday, in conjunction with the rose carnival, was published in the CALL Thursday. There will be a competitive parade in the morning, in which the Petaluma, Reliance, Santa Rosa and Bay City Wheelmen and the San Jose Road Club have been invited to ride. The races will all be class A events, open only to wheelmen resident in Sonoma County, with two exceptions - a one-mile handicap and a half-mile handicap, class A, to be participated in only by members of the Bay City, Reliance and San Jose Road clubs, prizes for which are as follows:

One mile, first prize, suit of clothes; second, silver wine goblet; third, gold sleeve buttons.

Half mile, first prize, $25 gold medal; second, $15 gold medal; third, $6 travelling bag: fourth, $5 sweater.

A special excursion rate of $1 for the round trip has been secured for all who wish to attend. Those who desire to compete in these two races should send their entries at once to the Santa Rosa Wheelmen.


The Santa Rosa Wheelmen have been very active the past few months, and the races to be held there this coming week will give them a fresh impetus. The officers of this live club are: A. P. McGregor, president; A. Schelling, vice-president; J. W. Ramage, captain; E. P. Sawyer and W. F. Pettis, lieutenants; E. Brooks, A. Westrup and L. W. Burris, directors.

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 04 May 1895

The racing board has issued its bulletin No. 19, dated September 5, 1895, as follows;

Sanctions granted - September 10, San Jose Road Club, Gilroy; November 7, 8 and 8, Garden City Cyclers (National circuit), San Jose; November 16, Santa Rosa Wheelmen (National circuit), Santa Rosa; November 28, Orange County Wheelmen (National circuit), Santa Ana; November 28, Petaluma Wheelmen, Petaluma.

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 07 Sep 1895

The Golden City Wheelmen left here Saturday night on the 11:30 p.m. theater train going as far as San Rafael, where wheels were resumed and the trip continued in the full moon to Petaluma, arriving there about 4 o'clock Sunday morning. After a few hours' rest they resumed their journey under the escort of the Petaluma Wheelmen to Sonoma, where their ranks were further swelled by the Santa Rosa Wheelmen, who had ridden over through the Sonoma valley. From Sonoma the clubs were escorted by the home club to Glen Ellen, where refreshments were served and the day spent in merriment. The return trip was made on the train by the city contingent, but the Petaluma and Santa Rosa boys returned on their wheels.

Only one accident occurred and that to President Zeiller, who ran over a half-hidden rock in the road, and was thrown from his wheel. A bottle of liniment in his pocket was broken and he was cut.

AMONG THE WHEELMEN - San Francisco Chronicle 15 Jun 1895

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