Schuetzen Park

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See also Alameda Cycle Park track, which occupied the same physical place as Schuetzen Park.

The mansion of SF&A director Edwin B. Mastick faced the next stop a mile to the east. Mastick Station served as the gateway to Schuetzen Park, a German resort perched on a shoreline bluff between Eighth and Ninth Streets due south of the station. The fenced compound had a shooting range, parade ground, and dance pavilion favored by groups like the San Francisco Fusiliers and Garibaldi Guard, and gunfire and brawls made it a byword for disturbing the peace until its closure in the 1880s. Resort, station, and mansion marked the east edge of the West End.

Alameda Preservation Press - August 2019

The San Francisco Schuetzen Verein was one of the many ethnic-based citizens social and paramilitary groups formed in California in the aftermath of the Gold Rush. Such groups functioned as social clubs, as well as a form of milita or public safety committees. The Schuetzen Verein was organized in 1859 by German-speaking citizens of San Francisco. The group’s program for its fiftieth anniversary tells of how it helped protect San Francisco following the assassination of President Lincoln.

San Francisco Schuetzen Verein, The Museum of the City of San Francisco

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