THE GERMAN WINS. - Emil Ulbricht Makes the Best Time. - The Los Angeles Times, 05 Jul 1894

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Emil Ulbricht Makes the Best Time.

Outcome of the Santa Monica Road Race.
The Record is Lowered on a Rough, Dusty Road.
The Run Attended by a Number of Mishaps, But Some Surprising Riding is Done Notwithstanding Accidents - The Result in Detail.

Emil Ulbricht, who was picked in The Times forecast as winner of the second time prize in the Santa Monica bicycle road race, made the distance in 57:01 yesterday morning and won first prize instead of second, as well as lowering the record of 58:00.

The race was the most successful one ever run by the cyclists, and the spirit of rivalry was very sharp. When the time arrived for the start to be made the sidewalks in the vicinity of Hill and Second streets were crowded with spectators, and the riders were heartily cheered as they started out by twos and threes and singly in response to the word. It was 8:48 o'clock when the first men were pushed off and the sprint began. Little Jenkins, who started on the scratch, wasn't in form for racing and he met with several mishaps along the road which greatly impeded his progress.

As usual, some of the riders had deceived the handicapper as to their speed, and they gained a slight advantage in this way, but Ulbricht won first time prize nevertheless, and John R. Gardiner first place.

The race was full of incidents and the contestants found plenty of excitement to keep their energies up. When about five miles out Jenkin's tires were punctured, and he was obliged to borrow a wheel from one of the other men who came panting along at the time very opportunely. Jenkins then went ahead and finished forty-ninth in the race.

Ulbricht's action throughout the run is highly praised by all the riders, for it is said that the former Eastern rider did his best to pace lagging men in, and made no great effort to gain first place himself.

Among those whom he tried to help along was Walter Tyler, whose strength was only in proportion to his weight, the latter being under 100 pounds. Tyler has always been unfortunate in the road races. Last year he had a bad fall on the Santa Monica run, and at divers other times has been the victim of ill luck in the course of his cycling experience.

At Santa Monica there was a large crowd of people gathered to witness the finish. The riders were dusty and begrimed as they came in, and each hastened away to take a plunge in the swimming-tank before sitting down to the dinner prepared for them. John Gardiner came first, and he was followed closely by D. E. Whitman and Will Rodriguez.

The judges afterward ruled Whitman out of the race, as he had misrepresented his experience as a rider by saying that he had handled a wheel only six months, when there were cyclers who claimed that they know that he had ridden a wheel for the past four years. Upon the plea that he had ridden only six months the handicapper gave Whitman a ten-minute start, and in view of after developments he was ruled out.

The four first-time men were, respectively: Emil Ulbricht, 57:01; C. Washburn, 57:43; Ed Williams, 58:03; Harry E. Bundy, 58:28.

According to the official list furnished, the place riders finished in the following order, the time given being that actually consumed on the road: John Gardiner, 59:02; D. E. Whitman, 1:02:03; Will Rodriguez, 1:10:11; W. L. Garrison, 59:18; H. Hawks, 1:03:09; George Dorman, 1:05:32; Charles W. Lehr, 1:04:02; H. E. Carse, 1:04:53; Charles Boesmiller, 1:01:24; John Edwards, 59:32; Fay Stephenson, 59:32; Arthur Griffin, 1:00:34; Charles Johnson, 1:08:56; A. W. Nolte, 1:02:37; E. P. Niely, 1:03:26; Ernest Ulbricht, 59:27; H. E. Bundy, 58:28; Emil Ulbricht, 57:01; C. A. Miller, 58:32; Ed Williams, 58:03; Clarence Miller, 1:02:34; Fritz Lacy, 58:35; O. G. Weber, 1:04:37; Dan Skagland, 59:50; E. D. G. Campbell, 1:02:54; J. G. Todd, 1:02:50; J. L. Standifer, 1:02:01; G. B. Cox, 1:02:02; Ed Norman, 1:04:04; C. Washburn, 57:43; E. J. Lesley, 1:04:14; C. C. Glass, 1:01:15; A. Jay, 1:10:16; E. H. Mather, 1:04:17; E. D. Wasson, 1:04:20; W. E. Tyler, 1:03:26; J. Collins, 1:03:27; W. Hatton, 1:06:35; J. R. Sabichi, 1:05:55; W. P. Michener, 1:03:57; E. P. Fuller, 1:08:06; F. W. Holbrook, 59:39; W. A. Taylor, 59:47; C. Cowan, 1:01:18; G. L. Hoxie, 1:04:20; W. K. Cowan, 1:01:22; William Kastling, 1:01:29; Casey Castleman, 58:44; W. M. Jenkins, 58:53; J. Marsinet, 1:04:58; Phil Kitchin, 59:12; Thomas McAleer, 59:13; Godfrey Schmidt, 1:02:14; August Dee, 1:06:15; J. D. S. Peach, 1:06:22; A. J. Cannato, 1:09:31;.A. D. Matterson, 1:05:42; C. E. Patterson, 1:08:50; C. Stubblefield, 1:00:15; 1. J. Manley, 1:11:29; J. D. Baker, 1:11:30; Paul Flammer, 1:10:58; W. F. Magee, 1:10:02; Ernest Cole, 1:14:30; B. Peterson, 1:08:51; H. Barnes, 1:10:53; W. H. Fraster, 1:10:09; J. S. Evans, 1:09:21; H. R. Jackson, 1:10:47; K. Tomlinson, 1:12:50; N. G. Weaver, 1:11:14; W. A. Burke, 1:04:53; J. R. Rogers, 1:12:02; W. A. Wright, 1:13:12; J. G. Virley, 1:16:46; N. L. Biehe, 1:22:47; William Straube, 1:17:15; J. P. Elms, 1:21:22; B. R. Davisson, 1:31:25.

E. R. Martinez took a header on the way down, and it was reported that he had broken his collar bone.


The original list of entries is the largest ever known in any race of a similar character on the Coast, and much interest was felt in the event. The handicap schedule, as followed yesterday, is reproduced below:

Scratch - Thomas McAleer, W. M. Jenkins, P. Kitchin, C. Castleman.
Thirty Seconds - Emil Ulbricht, W. A. Burke, C. Washburn.
One minute - Ed Williams, W. A. Taylor.
One and a half minutes - F. W. Holbrook, Harry E. Scott, W. K. Cowan.
Two minutes - Fritz Lacy, Charles A. Miller, Harry E. Bundy.
Three minutes - C. Cowan, F. W. Robbins, Clarence Miller, William Kastiling, A. Jay, W. G. Williams, Ed Wasson, Ernest Ulbricht, Dan Skagland, Godfrey Schmidt, Ben Tyler, E. E. Russell, A. S. Holcomb.
Four minutes — John Edwards, Charles C. Glass, Emmet Adams, William Moss, Fay Stephenson, A. T. Turner, Ernest Hoffman, H. Dickson.
Five minutes - E. R. Martinez, J. L. Standifer, Arthur Griffin, Chester C. Ashley, Clarence Strohm, S. D. Loucks, George B. Cox, A. D. Matteson.
Six minutes - William Straube, Joseph I Collins, B. D. G. Campbell, James G. Vidy, August Dee, Isidor Marshutz, W. E. Tyler, W. P. Michener, Charles Johnson, J. S. Evans, Charles D. Magee, John G. Todd, Burdick Peterson, J. D. S. Peach, Charles Boesmiller, J. R. Rogers, George L. Hoxie, W. B. Gard, J. E. Ernest.
Seven minutes - John R. Gardiner, B. R. Davisson, E. L. de Blugeot, A. W. Nolte, Billy Juenger, A. G. Stevens, R. L. McCarty, W. A. Wright, H. R. Jackson, J. Farmer, E. M. Mather, N. G. Weaver, E. P. Neily, E. J. Lesley, W. H. Fraster, w. L. Garrison.
Eight minutes - J. R. Sabichi, Lewis, G. Harrison, Ed Norman, O. J. Weber, Fred Magee, C. E. Patterson, Will Rodriguez, Herbert Barnes.
Nine minutes - Paul Flammer, W. Hatton, C. Stubblefield, Anthony J. Cannato, K. Tomlinson.
Ten minutes - H. E. Carse, H. Hawks, Emmett Vance, D. E. Whitman, John P. Elms, Charles W. Lehr, I. J. Manley, B. V. Duque, E. P. Fuller, J. D. Baker.
Twelve minutes - N. L. Biehl, George Dorman, Ernest Cole, Joe Burkhardt.