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Casey Martin Castleman 7 July 1875 – 15 June 1936


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Riverside's champion is Casey Castleman, a young man of splendid physique, and from whom great things are expected this year. He is only 17 years old, but tips the beam at 168 pounds when in racing condition. Castleman is six feet tall, and has demonstrated his ability as a speedy rider against such good men as Burke, Waller and Foster. In a three mile race at Riverside, Castleman gave Burke a hot argument, and beat Waller out for second place. The Riversider received a couple of bad falls last season, which militated [sic] against his training. Castleman will probably be seen here at the the league meet on the Fourth of July.

OUR CYCLE CHAMPIONS. - The Fastest Riders in the State. - San Francisco Chronicle, 29 Apr 1893

Casey Castleman of Riverside beat both Fox and Billy Burk at Santa Ana last Saturday. The Riverside man got the half mile and mile open, Class B, and the five mile handicap.

CYCLING UP TO DATE. - Farewell Banquet Tendered Wilbur J. Edwards at San Jose. - The San Francisco Examiner, 27 Jun 1894

H. A. Raymond, chairman of the racing board of League of American Wheelmen, under date of August 23d places the following additional Pacific Coast racers in class B, and warns all amateurs of class A not to compete with them in future:

Stockton - A. Baker, William Fisher, George Hudson, F. J. McCoin, Leo Salbach.
San Jose - J. B. Osrey, J. A. Desimone.
San Francisco - F. B. Chandler, H. H. Dilges, J. W. Harvey, C. N. Langton, Dave Marshall, R. Ready.
Los Angeles - C. Castleman, C. A. Cowen.

CYCLERS ARE AROUSED - San Francisco Chronicle, 01 Sep 1894

The Acme Club put up a great contest, finishing a trifle over a minute behind the leaders. There were some errors in judgment in the riding of this team. Kitchen did not make his relay as fast as he could have done, owing to a dispute with Alexander, the Garden City rider, as to pacemaking. Byrne, on the seventh, can do much better than 28:57 any day. Rose, on the eighth, would not accept the lead which Byrne gave him, but waited for the Bay City man, Terrill. The latter can ride rings around Rose, as the result of their relay showed. Castleman made a fine finish, though a collision with a dog lost him fully a minute.

THE WHEELMEN. - All Ready for the Great San Jose Meet on Friday and Saturday. - The San Francisco Call, 13 Apr 1895

Two-mile handicap (class B) - E. C. Bald, P. C. C., scratch; W. F. Foster, O. C. W., 40 yards: W. A. Burke, A. C. W., 50; 6. Osen, G. C. C., 60; C. M. Castleman, A. C. W., 70; C. S. Wells, B. C. W., 90; W. A. Terrill, B. C. W., 100; Allan Jones, G. C. C., 100; J. C. Smith, G. C. C., 160; H. C. Smith, 180; G. A. Nissen, A. C. W. 180; T. S. Hall, B. C. W., 200: R. Cushing, 225; U. W. Harvey, C. C. C., 250.


To-day, if the weather permits, Casey M. Castleman and W. A. Burke, the racers from Southern California, will try for records on the San Jose track. Burke is after short distance records, while Castleman will go for the American record for twenty-five miles and also for the one hour record. If the pacing is good he should succeed, as he is known to be a splendid long-distance racer.

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 27 Apr 1895

Burke and Castleman will return from the southern circuit the later part of next month, when it is their intention to go for the class B records, from five miles to twenty-five.

CYCLERS IN TRAINING - San Francisco Chronicle, 25 May 1895

The Southern California racing circuit has turned out a grand fizzle, owing to the mismanagement of Charles Fuller Gates, and the class B racers who went down from here have returned. Walter Foster of the Olympics, Allan Jones of the Garden Citys and Burke and Castleman of Los Angeles have entered in the Bay City Wheelmen's races. The latter two intended to ride at Los Angeles on May 30, but say the track is dangerous, so they are coming here.

The Wheelmen - The San Francisco Call, 25 May 1895

Those in touch with the wheeling events of last year will remember a match race in September at Los Angeles between Thomas McAleer, the long-distance champion, and Casey Castleman, who is now racing in this part of the State. It was at twenty-five miles, paced, and both men being about evenly matched the race was very close and exciting. On the last lap McAleer had the pole, with Castleman on the outside and a pacer in front. The pacer should have withdrawn, but did not, and either he or McAleer crowded Castleman completely off the track. Referee Allen awarded the prize, a $230 diamond, to McAleer, but Castleman filed a protest, claiming a foul. The matter was referred to the National racing board, and after all these months word has just been received that the protest has been allowed and McAleer must turn his prize over to Castleman, who is awarded the race. If he was like some of the pure amateurs that one hears of he wouldn't have it to return - it would have been hypothecated long ago. It is possible that another race may now be arranged between the two men, and it would be a very interesting contest. Castleman is very popular in the north and has made lots of friends. McAleer we have never seen up here, but he has a great reputation as a long-distance rider.

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 06 Jul 1895

George A. Nissen, whose picture is presented this week, is a class B racer of considerable note on this coast and a member of the Acme Club Wheelmen of Oakland. He is a team mate of W. A. Burke and Casey M. Castleman on the popular March team. Nissen has won many hotly contested finishes at various times in the past two years, and is ranked very high as a rider both on the track and road.


In the coming race Burke, Nissen and Castleman, the March team, all Acme men, will start from scratch. This of itself looks bad for the ten-mile record if the roads are good. Then there will be Kitchen, Vancourt, Schleuter, Neece, Mott, Hardie and a score of other fast men with small time limits, who will make the pace hot for the scratch men. Altogether it promises to be one of the most exciting road races of the year, and the various clubs will all call runs to witness it.

The Wheelmen. - The San Francisco Call, 20 Jul 1895

There will be a big road race over the ten-mile course from Fruitvale to Haywards to-morrow afternoon at 2 o'clock between the members of tha [sic] Acme Club Wheelmen. This club is noted for its fast road-riders, and to-morrow's event will be exciting and closely contested, as the men are all well trained and will ride their best. The following are the entries and handicaps: W. A. Burke, C. M. Castleman and G. A. Nissen, scratch; O. L. Pickard, J. H. Otey, H. Hutchinson, 2 1/2 min.; H. W. Phillips, B. E. Elford, A. H. Agnew, William Greavs, George Brouillet, 3 1/2 min.; J. E. Scott, E. A. Rogers, A. C. Hewlett, 4 mm.; George Humphrey, B. J. Sears, L. W. Sherman, 5 min.; J. A. Chyner, S. Archer, C. Lauffin, J. L. Wetmore, 5 1/2 min.; T. C. McKinstry, M. E. Laubratich, 6 min.

THE WHEELMEN. - San Francisco Call, 27 July 1895

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