W. A. Burke

From Wooljersey


Brother of D. L. Burke


To-day, if the weather permits, Casey M. Castleman and W. A. Burke, the racers from Southern California, will try for records on the San Jose track. Burke is after short distance records, while Castleman will go for the American record for twenty-five miles and also for the one hour record. If the pacing is good he should succeed, as he is known to be a splendid long-distance racer.

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 27 Apr 1895

Two-mile handicap, Class B - Casey Castleman and W. A. Burke, Acme, W. F. Foster, O. C. W., and C. S. Wells, B. C. W., scratch; R. L. Long, O. C. W., 150 yards; T. Delmas, G. C. C., and H. C. Smith, G. C. C., 180; R. Cushing, G. C. C., and J. Smith, G. C. C., 200, and A. C. Pillsbury, P. A. W., 20.

CYCLING NEWS AND COMMENT. - The San Francisco Examiner - 01 Jun 1895

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