THE LEAGUE'S ELECTION. - The San Francisco Examiner, 17 Sep 1895

From Wooljersey


Wheelmen Casting About for the Coming Year's Officials.

A New Edition of the Road Book Now on the Press - Strength and Activity of the Various Women's Clubs.

The annual election of the California Division, League of American Wheelmen, and of the California Associated Cycling Clubs are each but a month off, and as but little mention has been made of them it indicates that the elections will be rather tame affairs.

In the League election it is expected that some one interested will issue a call for a meeting at which a ticket will be arranged.

It requires a certain number of members to nominate officers, and the league issues a voting ticket with the names of all such nominations, just before the election.

C. K. Melrose, who has proved an efficient officer during the past term declines to serve again, and in his stead the name of Judge F. A. Kerrigan is mentioned. He is known to the majority of the wheelmen and has been an active worker in their interests for some years. He would have the support of the Bay City Wheelmen, the largest of the league clubs, and would have the support of the majority of the riders in this city and San Jose.

Chief Consul Melrose will leave, as a monument of his administration, an edition of the excellent road book of the division first issued by ex-Chief Consul George H. Strong. It is now in press and will shortly be delivered free to the members wishing it.

During the present administration the racing interests of the division under the care of Chairman R. M. Welch have been placed on a high plane, and have developed wonderfully in the number of meets, the high standard of the men and the enormous entry lists. The racing interests are invariably the most prominent of the division affairs and will always attract the greater share of public attention.

The election of officers for the Associated Cycling Clubs will be of unusual interest this time, as the association has developed materially during the past year and is a greater power in the pastime now than at any time in its existence. The annual events promoted by the association, such as the 100 miles relay and the road races in the spring and autumn, are of the most important features of bicycling on the Coast, and it is important that they be continued in their present high standard. H. F. Wynne, who has labored so earnestly to bring about the above results, will decline a renomination, he says, on the score that he cannot give the duties of the office the necessary time.

The Camera Club Cyclists had a run from Sausalito to San Rafael last Sunday.

The various clubs of women who are interested in cycling have been if anything more energetic during the past season than the majority of the men's clubs.

Sunday last the ladies of the Liberty Cycling Club and also of the California Cycling Club were at Haywards. Among the former were: Mrs. N. A. Robinson, Mrs. F. A. McMillon, Mrs. A. H. Brod, Mrs. George Whittocker, Miss Lizzie Nixon, Miss Lulu Bonton, Mrs. Hoeg, Miss Ida M. Stanford, Miss Flo Webster, Miss Lucy Munson and Mrs. C. Westphal.

Representatives of the California Club were: Mrs. H. F. Wynne, Miss R. Mahoney. Miss Mahoney, Miss Egeberg, Miss McCarthy and Miss Gahan.

Emil Languetin, who broke his arm at San Jose on July 4th, has been riding for some time past and has fully recovered from the accident.