Liberty Cycling Club Ladies' Annex

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San Francisco, CA


Liberty Wheelmen San Francisco Chronicle Sat Jun 29 1895 .jpeg

"Our colors are white and gold, and the emblem the gold liberty bell suspended to a white lover's knot."


  • Mrs. L. H. Brod
  • Miss A. T. Crowley
  • Miss M. I. Crowley
  • Miss Fenton
  • Mrs. L. M. Hoeg
  • Mrs. McMillan
  • Miss L. M. Munson
  • Miss Nixon
  • Rose Elizabeth Welby, AKA Mrs. N. A. Robinson
  • Miss Ida M. Stanford
  • Miss F. Webster
  • Mrs. Chris Westphal


THE group of bloomer girls shown in the above engraving are all members of the ladies' branch of the Liberty Cycling Club, and all ride the Liberty bicycle. They are a happy-looking lot and may be seen most any pleasant Sunday on the Park roads.

The WASP (Jan.-Dec. 1895)

From Women & Bicycles, Historical Essay, by Laura Fraser

The Liberty Cycling Club is about to form a ladies' annex. The club will have a theater party to the Tivoli next Monday evening, and a hop at the clubrooms July 25. C. Meyer, O. St. Denis, C. Armbruster, N. A. Robinson and W. E. Bouton have charge of the latter function. The club will hold a run to Crystal Springs tomorrow, which is a very pretty ride.

The San Francisco Call 20 Jul 1895

The Liberty Cycling Club has a run out through the Oakland foothills to-morrow, the following week they will ride to Bolinas and in the middle of August will escort the members of the Ladies' Annex through the Park. The club is steadily gaining in numbers and gives promise of becoming a power in cycling.

The San Francisco Examiner - 27 Jul 1895

Last Monday night the Liberty Cycling Club [photo is of their "ladies' annex" M.F.] held a theater party at the Tivoli. Nearly all the members attended and greatly enjoyed the evening. Thursday evening the club held a dance at Mission Turn-Verein Hall, which was well attended and very enjoyable. Norval A. Robinson acted as floor manager, and dancing was indulged in until midnight. The club members rightly believe in enjoying social as well as cycling pleasures during the week, and will have these hops regularly hereafter. To-morrow a run will be held to the Oakland foothills, leaving on the 9 a. m. creek-route boat. On August 4 the members will ride to Bolinas. The ladies' annex to the club is growing rapidly, and under the guidance of Mrs. Robinson promises to become quite a factor before long.

THE WHEELMEN. - San Francisco Call, 27 July 1895

The Liberty Cycling Club will go to Bolinas to-morrow, taking the 8 a. m. Sausalito boat. This is a hard ride, but a particularly beautiful one, and the scenery en route fully repays one for the hard work incident to the trip. On Sunday, the 11th inst., the club will have a run to San Mateo, on the 18th to the park with the ladies' annex, and on the 25th a five-mile roadrace over the San Mateo course, the entries for which close Tuesday evening, August 13. The handicapping will be done by F. Fanning, C. Meyer, R. McLean, S. Mitchell and J. Quarga.


The following communication from Miss Ida M. Stanford, secretary-treasurer of the Ladies' Annex to the Liberty Cycling Club, is self-explanatory:

The Ladies' Annex to the Liberty Cycling Club was formed last Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. N. A Robinson, 1141 Market street where twelve young ladies congregated for the purpose of joining a bloomer club.

The charter members are: Mrs. N. A. Robinson, Miss Ida M. Stanford, Miss L. M. Munson, Mrs. McMillan, Miss M. I. Crowley, Miss A. T. Crowley, Mrs. L. H. Brod, Miss Nixon, Miss F. Webster, Mrs. L. M. Hoeg, Mrs. Chris Westphal and Miss Fenton, all bloomerites. Our colors are white and gold, and the emblem the gold liberty bell suspended to a white lover's knot.

The club chose the following officers: President, Miss L. M. Munson; secretary-treasurer, Miss Ida M. Stanford; captain, Mrs. N. A. Robinson.

Runs have been called by the captain as follows: To the park and beach, Sunday, August 4; to San Leandro, August 11, and on the 18th a joint run will be taken to Golden Gate Park with the Liberty Cycling Club. All the members are young and enthusiastic and mean to work for the good of their sister bikers.

THE WHEELMEN. San Francisco Call, Volume 78, Number 64, 3 August 1895

The Ladies' Annex to the Liberty Cycling Club will have a run to Crystal Springs to-morrow, leaving the corner of Twenty-fourth and Howard streets at 7 A. M. It will be a picnic, and members are expected to bring their own luncheon, remembering that long country rides are forerunners to large appetites.

LATE CYCLING NOTES. - Entries and Handicaps for the San Francisco Road Club's Race. - San Francisco Chronicle, 28 Sep 1895