THE RELAY RACE CUP. - The San Francisco Call - April 17, 1896

From Wooljersey


The Bay City Smoker To-Morrow Night. Some Sunday Runs.

There are no new developments in the trouble over the late relay race. The Bay City Wheelmen refuse to give up the cup without a hearing, the Garden City Cyclers claim it on a disqualification, and there the matter stands. No one seems to know what the next move will be, but whatever it is it will be awaited with interest.

The California Cycling Club will open the touring season with a run Sunday to Tocoloma, taking the 8 A. M. Sausalito ferry and local train to San Anselmo. Captain Mayo expects a large turnout.

The San Francisco Road Club will have a run Sunday under Captain Pixley to Lake Pilarcitos in San Mateo County. Tonight is the first anniversary of the club's existence and it will be appropriately celebrated at the clubhouse by the members. Next Tuesday night at the regular meeting officers for the ensuing term will be nominated. Will J. Allen of Los Angeles, well known to nearly every wheelman on the coast, died in that city the other day of consumption. He was a prominent figure at all Southern California race meets and cycling functions and was president of the Los Angeles Wheelmen. He was the originator of the great Santa Monica road race, in which Emil Ulbricht generally manages to win the time prize every time it is run off.

The Bay City Wheelmen will hold a smoker at the clubhouse, 441 Golden Gate avenue, to-morrow evening. To quote from from the notice to members announcing the event: "The idea is suggested by the cup-winning tendencies so forcibly manifested of late by our racing contingent, and as incidents of a pleasant nature are still fresh in mind the affair will, no doubt, be a great success." No doubt. All Bay City affairs of the kind invariably are.

W. M. Jenkins, the well-known Southern California racer, will be married to Miss Millie Groff of Los Angeles shortly. The announcement will be a surprise to his many friends in this City.

L. W. Fox, who raced here a couple of years ago and defeated Foster and other cracks, left Thursday morning for Alaska, accompanied by E. E. Gatensbury of Los Angeles. They did not take wheels with them, but will try their speed on snow sleds and shoes.

The members of the Liberty Cycling Club are in active training for their road race, which takes place over the San Carlos course Sunday, and fast time will undoubtedly be made. The entries and handicaps were published exclusively in THE CALL Wednesday.