THE WHEELMEN. - Oakland Tribune, 08 Nov 1886

From Wooljersey


The Bay City Wheelmen's team for the road race will consist of Elwell Adcock and Browning. The Sacramento team will consist of Brenner, Tolle and Cook. It is expected that San Jose, San Mateo and other clubs will be represented. The Oakland Ramblers (reorganized) will have charge of the race and will offer three prizes.

The Chief Consul, California Division, L. A. W., is preparing a census of all the wheelmen in the State, and asks the aid of L. A. W. members. Only men over eighteen years of age who own and ride their wheels are wanted.


Yesterday being an unusually pleasant day, the number of wheelmen out on the road was very large. Among the number were a host of new riders who were doing their first ride.

The San Francisco Bicycle club were out in force, and as they spun down the road their black Helmets and white shirts made a most pleasing contrast.

Arrangements are about completed for the twenty-five mile road race. There will be entries from San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento and San Jose. The B. C. W. will be represented by Elwell Browning and a dark horse who is said to be an excellent rider. The Oakland Ramblers will have Ireland, Sears and Haralson to content for them, and the other two cities will have able representatives. The course is what is familiarly known to the boys as the "triangle," below San Leandro. This race will occur on Thanksgiving.

Ireland is out on the road a great deal training for his coming ride. He sports two medals now, and is very anxious to have another decorate his manly breast.

The Oakland Ramblers have come to the surface again in an astonishing manner, and as Oakland is too small to support two good clubs, the A. C. W. is consequently numbered with the things that were.

Last Saturday night a number of the Highland Park boys took a moonlight run to Haywards and spent an hour or so in skating with the Hayward belles. Olney's tandem was a source of much curiosity, and one young lady, not so timorous as her fair sisters, under the patronage of a wheelman, enjoyed a little spin around the town.

While the writer was on one of the local trains yesterday evening, a number of bicyclists were chatting away, when Captain H. Houseworth made the remark that he had made the run from Haywards to San Leandro, in sixteen minutes! Of course among the beginners there was much wonder, and many admiring glances were cast at this self-confessed racer. As the distance is six and one-quarter miles, the assertion may be taken "cum grano salis."

It is understood that the Ramblers will have a club house, as a committee have been appointed to secure the same.

It is rumored that Chief Consul Welch will soon appoint a representative for this side of the bay.