The Wheel. - San Francisco Chronicle, 17 Nov 1886

From Wooljersey

The Wheel.

It is rumored that Fred Russ Cook will take to the track again. It was hoped he would go in the twenty-five-mile race Thanksgiving Day. The Pacific coast wheelmen are anxious to see some of the western records lowered. He is just the man to do it.

The Bay City Wheelmen had a very successful club run last Sunday to Haywards. They left this city on the 9:30 boat with some thirty-nine men in line. After a short ride around Oakland they started for Haywards, where they arrived shortly after 12 o'clock. After partaking of a splendid dinner which awaited them they lounged around until about 2 o'clock, when the start was made for home. The 5 o'clock boat was easily made and all returned thoroughly satisfied with the days enjoyment. The new uniforms were the feature of the day, and very fine appearance was made by the club, causing much admiration as they passed through Oakland.

On Thanksgiving Day a twenty-five-mile road race pill be held under the auspices of the Oakland Ramblers, on the triangle running from San Leandro to San Lorenzo, and midway on the Haywards road. The following teams have entered: Bay City Wheelmen - Elwell, Adcock and Booth; Oakland Ramblers - Ireland, Harolson and Rosborough; San Mateo Wheelmen - Donnelly, Knapp and Reed, San Francisco Bicycle Club - Larzelere, Griffin and Letcher; Capital City Wheelmen - Cook, Breuner and Toll of Sacramento. As many well-known racing men have entered this contest, a very exciting race is expected. The Garden City Wheelmen of San Jose decline to enter a team, as they say the Bay City flyers are too much for them.

The six-months' cyclometer race of the Bay City Wheelmen ended November 1st. Percy Haslett won on a record of 3000 miles.

J. A. Breuner and B. W. Flye of the Capital City Wheelmen of Sacramento have been the guests of the Bay Citys for the past few days.

The San Francisco Bicycle Club has been very busily engaged fitting up clubrooms at 1428 Market street during the past week. Two of the rooms are partly furnished; but the quarters will not be really fit for use till the latter part of this week, when the third room will be finished. The club will then be ready to receive its friends with its well-known and old-time cordiality.

From letters received by the Secretary of the San Francisco Bicycle Club, it is definitely stated that Thomas Stevens, the rider who has encircled the world on a bicycle, will reach San Francisco on or about Christmas. The arrival of Mr. Stevens will probably be one of great moment and be a chance for wheelinen to see and know the world-famed rider. The San Francisco Bicycle Club has been delegated by his Eastern friends to receive him on his arrival, and in accordance with these wishes a committee of three members of the club has been appointed to properly receive and entertain him.