The Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 20 May 1889

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The Wheelmen.

[Official organ L. A. W.]

Edwin Mohrig, San Francisco, chief consul; J. Phil Percival, Los Angeles, vice-consul; Alexander S. Ireland, San Francisco, secretary-treasurer. Representatives - George H. Frost, Pasadena; Charles C. Moore, Stockton; Dr. Thomas L. Hill, Dr. L. N. Sandford, San Francisco. Dr. J. M. Curragh, San Francisco, representative San Francisco Bicycle Club; Representatives Bay City WheelmenJ. J. Bliss and Charles C. Moore, San Francisco. J. W. A. Off, Los Angeles representative Los Angeles Wheelmen.

The Los Angeles wheelmen are starting out in a business-like manner to make the first meet of the California division of wheelmen in the city of orange groves a memorable occasion. A most artistic and elaborate programme, printed on tinted paper and elaborately embellished with engravings, has been already issued. At first glance one might think that the book is the official catalogue of the Paris Exposition, but on closer inspection its less ambitious purpose is apparent. The parade of the wheelmen will take place on Thursday, the 30th inst., at 9 o'clock, on Main Street, Los Angeles, in the following order: Pacemakers' Band, chief consul and division officers, Bay City Wheelmen, San Francisco Bicycle Club, Oak Leaf Wheelmen, Alameda Scorchers, Outing Cycle Club, Garden City Wheelmen, Capital City Wheelmen, Pomona Deceivers, Pasadena Cycling Club, Los Angeles Wheelmen, unattached wheelmen. The line of march will be over asphaltum streets. The races will be held in the afternoon at Agricultural Park on a mile track specially prepared. Handsome trophies will be given, the prize for the five-mile race being a fine bicycle. Thursday night a grand ball will be tendered the visiting wheelmen at Hayard's Pavilion, preceding which a game of polo between San Francisco and Los Angeles wheelmen will be played. On Friday and Saturday the wheelmen will be taken on tours of the beautiful San Gabriel valley, and on Sunday to the salubrious Santa Monica by the sea, In the evening the meet will end and the visitors return to their homes.

The twenty-three members of the Bay City Club who attended the picnic run to San Francisco last Sunday had a pleasant trip.

Henry W. Burmeister, Joseph J. Bliss and R. M. Welch rode to San Jose and back last Sunday. They left San Francisco at 5 A. M.; breakfasted at Redwood City at 7:50 o'clock, and reached San Jose at 11:30 A. M., and got home again at 8:40 P. M.