Wheeling. - The San Francisco Examiner, 29 Apr 1889

From Wooljersey


The most important event in wheeling to take place in the near future is the meeting of the Bay City Wheelmen to-morrow at the Haight-street Baseball Grounds. From the large number of entries and the well-known speed of many who intend competing it is conficiently expected that the meeting is already an assured success, and that several new records will be established. The handicaps have been arranged by R. A. Smythe of the Racing Board of the California Division, League of American Wheelmen, and as Mr. Smythe is conceded to have a good idea of the respective merits of most all of the riders on the Coast, close contests should be the rule.

The following-named gentlemen will officiate at the meeting: Referee, C. C. Moore of Stockton; judges, Edwin Mohrig, L. Devaney and George Osborn; timers, Colonel G. C. Edwards, Peter McIntyre and George C. Strong; starter, F. R. Cook: umpires, J. A. Bauer, L. C. Hall, S. H. Knapp Jr. and W. M. Meeker; clerks of the course, F. W. Pierson and W. E. Thompson; scorers, C. S. Angell and C. A. Elliott.

F. D. Elwell has entered the one mile handicap, and apparently intends to place the mile record where it will be difficult for the Los Angeles riders to reach on May 30th.

J. Smith of San Jose is expected to make a new record for five miles. He should have little difficulty in doing so, as the track is very fast and everything is in the riders' favor.

Lakeman of the University Bicycle Club is doing well in his practice spins and may give Townsend a harder race than the latter's friends expect.

Shockley is getting in fine trim for the safety race and at the same time in condition for the boxing tournament of the Olympic Club. He is said to be quite handy with the gloves.

The San Francisco Bicycle Club is said to have a good man for the novice race and one or two other dark horses for the handicaps.

The Garden City Club is well represented and the local riders are speculating as to the probability of another dark horse making his appearance from that club.

Hickinbotham, Stockton's champion rider, will be on hand and is reported as being in excellent condition. Hickinbotham is not suffering from the effects of overwork and has acquired some additional knowledge since his last appearance in a race as to how to train and avoid staleness.

Following are the entries, as far as received, for the bicycle meeting of the Bay City Wheelmen to-morrow:

One-mile novice - Henry Smith, G. C. W..; Joseph Desimone, G. C. W.; Paul Stockton, San Jose; W. A. Shockley, B. C. W.; E. P. Ailborn, University California; E. F. Haas, University California; T. W. Durant; R. S. Ingraham, S. F. B. C.; T. H. Doane, B. C. W.; Clarence Howard, B. C. W.

Half-mile handicap - Alphonse Cole, G. C. W., 25 yards; F. E. Southworth, O. W. of Stockton, 20 yards; J. E. Hickinbotham, O. L. W., scratch; R. W. Turner, B. C. W. scratch; R. S. Ingraham, S. F., 30 yards; T. W. Gilmour, B. C. W., 40 yards; G. S. Balch, S. F., 30 yards.

Three-mile handicap - J. Smith, G. C. W., scratch; Joseph Desimone, G. C. W., 150 yards; Clive Weathers, G. C. W., 175 yards; F. E. Southworth, O. S. W., 120 yards: J. E. Hickinbotham, O. S. W., scratch; F. E. Richardson, B. C. W., 120 yards; F. H. Doane, B. C. W., 175 yards.

Two-mile Safety handicap - Paul Stockton, San Jose, 125 yards; L. R. Cole, San Jose, scratch; C. B. Lakeman, University Wheelmen, scratch: W. N. Schockley, B. C. W., scratch; C. F. English, B. C. W., scratch; George Siebe, B. C. W., 125 yards; C. N. Langton, B. C. W., 100 yards; G. S. Balsh, S. F. B. C., 75 yards.

Five-mile handicap - J. Smith, G. C. W., scratch; Clive Weathers, G. C. W., 250 yards; F. E. Richardson, B. C. W., 200 yards: R. W. Turner, B. C. W., scratch.

One-mile handicap - H. Smith, G. C. W., 60 yards; Al Cole, G. C. W, 60 yards; F. E. Southworth, O. L. W., 40 yards; J. E. Hickinbotham, O. L. W., scratch; W. Needham, G. C. W., 60 yards; W. A. Schockley, B. C. W., 50 yards; S. Hodgekins, B. C. W., 40 yards.

One-mile University of California championship - E. P. Hilborn, C. E. Townsend.

Two-mile championship, University of California - C. B. Lakenau, C. E. Townsend, E. F. Hass.

The entry is one of the best ever received by a club here and gives promise of a good day's sport. There are twenty-eight different riders entered and fifteen of them will make their initial appearance. The novice race has ten entries. H. Smith of the San Jose Club is looked upon as the winner. It will be run in two heats of five men each, the first and second in each heat to ride in the final, Frank Richardson has improved very much in his style of riding and if he has the staying qualities to last five miles he stands a very good chance of winning.

Some of the intending competitors from the University have not been received up to date, but as they will probably not compete in any of the events except the University championships, the above list of the handicaps is about complete.

Messrs. French, Brewster and McDonald of the San Francisco Bicycle Club recently made a trip to Mount Hamilton, leaving this city at 3:30 and arriving at Milpitas at 4:45 P. M. After a ride of twenty minutes the trio reached the Weliecus ranch, where they enjoyed the hospitality of the owner, who endeavored to dissuade them from making the trip to the observatory. They left the ranch at 7:45, and reached the junction after a lively run, but were forced to walk the greater part of the distance to the first summit. Reaching Grand View, the party turned toward Hall's valley, where the road was found rather soft, especially in the sharp turns. Coasting down the second summit, they reached South Creek Hotel at 12 P. M., much to the astonishment of the landlady. Here they learned of the arrival, some three hours before of two other city riders, members of their club - Messrs. Owens and O'Brien, who had retired to recruit their energies for the ride to the observatory. Leaving South Creek Hotel at 7 A, M., the party started for the observatory, which was reached at 9:15. The coasting on the return trip was much appreciated after the hard climb. An effort will be made to have every active member of the San Francisco Bicycle Club participate in the run to Mount Hamilton, which takes place in May.