FAST WHIRRING WHEELS. - The San Francisco Examiner, 05 Jul 1889

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Several Coast Records Broken by Bicyclists at Stockton.


Metal Steeds in the Morning f'arade-Teurnament and Drill at ligit.

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STOCKTON, July 4. - A joint meet of the Oakleaf and the Bay City Wheelmen brought here to-day a large number of wheelmen from San Francisco and other sections of the State.

The bicyclists made a great feature of the grand parade this morning, their wheels being gayly decorated.

The races were called at 2 o'clock this afternoon at the baseball park, a large crowd of people being present. The officers of the day were: Referee - R. M. Welch; judges - George H. Strong, C. C. Moore, T. E. Richardson; timers - E. Mohrig, W. H. McKee, Ed. Adams; umpires - F. W. Leadbetter, B. W. Moore; clerks - F. W. Pierson, E. Bartholomew; scorers - Dan Weaver, C. L. Angel; starter - F. E. Richardson.

The track was in fine condition, but the weather was warm for the visitors, who found racing hard work.


Several records were broken, and the meet was very successful in every way.

The first race was a one-mile novice, the Coast record being 2:54. The starters were S. E. Mastick of the Oberlin Club, W. R. Lippett and Al Coe of the Garden City Club, Thomas Doane of the Bay City and W. H. T. Durant, unattached. All raced in a bunch until the last lap, when Doane spurted, winning in three minutes. Al Coe was second.

The second race was a quarter-mile dash, the Coast record being 37 2-5 seconds. The starters were T. W. Gilmour and C. W. Hammer of the Bay City and F. E. Southworth and J. E. Hickenbotham of the Oakleaf. Hickenbotham won in 41 1-5 seconds, Hammer second and Gilmour third.

The next race was a two-mile, L. A. W. State championship contest. The Coast record was six minutes. The starters were F. E. Southworth of the Oakleaf Club, W. G. Davis of San Francisco and R. W. Turner of the Bay City Club. Turner led off, closely followed by Davis, who saved himself on the first mile, which was made in three minutes and twenty-eight seconds Turner was allowed to lead until crossing the line for the last lap, when Davis ran away from him, winning the race easily in six minutes and forty-eight seconds.

This contest being a disappointment, it was announced before the next race, which was one mile, Safety bicycles, L. A. W. State championship, the Coast record being three minutes ten and four-fifths seconds, that unless three ten was beaten no medal would be awarded.


The starters in this race were A. L. Wulff of the Oakleaf, C. B. Lakenau, unattached, C. P. Fonda of San Francisco, W. A. Shockley, C. M. Langton and Sanford Plummer of the Bay City. Lakenau and Fonda drew out when it was seen that they were not in the race, and Plummer took the lead to the last lap. Shockley then made a fast spurt and led to the finish, winning in 2:59 1/2. Plummer made a good second and Wulff last.

The next race was a one-half mile handicap, the Coast record being 1:22. The starters were W. G. Davis, scratch; J. E. Hickenbotham, 25 yards; C. W. Hammer, 25 yards; T. W. Gilmour, 50 yards; W. H. T. Durant, 70 yards; Al Cole, 75 yards; and L. C. Black, unattached, 75 yards. Al Cole won in 1:20 2-5, breaking the Coast record. Hammer was second and Durant third.

A three-mile handicap race was next on the programme, and was interesting to the Stocktonians, who had an entry against the fast ones. The Coast record was 9 minutes 7 2-5 seconds, which still remains. The starters were Southworth, scratch; L. G. Hodgkins of the Bay City, 75 yards; Doane, 150 yards; Lippett and Mastick, each 200 yards. F. E. Southworth made a good race, winning easily in 9 minutes 29 seconds. Hodgkins was second and Mastick third.


The two-mile Safety handicap. the Coast record being 6 minutes 31 4-5 seconds, had four entries, but Wulff and Lakenau, who were placed at the scratch, said that the allowance of 125 yards to Shockley was too much and refused to run. Shockley and Langton started at the scratch, and Shockley won in 6 minutes and 25 seconds, breaking the record.

The last race was a one-mile scratch, the Coast record being 2 minutes 48 2/3 seconds. Davis, Hammer and Hickenbotham entered. Davis won in the slow time of 3 minutes 11 seconds. Hickenbotham was a good second.

A grand tournament drill and ball was enjoyed to-night at the Pavilion by an immense crowd. The programme included a fancy bicycle drill by the Bay City Wheelmen, a drill by the Oakleafs, trick riding by Ed Adams, a promenade concert and dance.

The meet pleased everybody.