WHEELERS. - Oakland Tribune, 16 Feb 1887

From Wooljersey


The Programme for the State Meeting in Oakland.

The Oakland Ramblers have, by an unanimous vote, decided to support the following nominees at the coming election of the Californian Division, L. A. W.: R. M. Welch, Chief Consul, B. C. W.; R. H. Magill Jr., Secretary, Treasurer, O. R.; C. J. Krytser, Local Consul; J. D. Arkison, representative for Oakland.

The entry for the coming races is rapidly growing in size, and exceeds the fondest expectations of the most enthusiastic promoters of the meeting. The five mile L. A. W. State championship race and the mile maiden will be the prominent features of the day. The day's sport will consist of a parade by the wheelmen of the Pacific coast through the principal streets of Oakland and to the trotting park, where the following interesting programme will be carried out: 1. One mile maiden. 2. One mile tricycle. 3. Five mile L. A. W. State championship. 4. Three mile handicap. 5. One quarter mile dash. 6. Two mile handicap. 7. One mile tandem. 8. One half mile club.

The San Francisco wheelmen will leave the city on the 11:15 creek boat and will be met at the foot of Broadway by the Oakland Ramblers at 12 m., who will escort them through Oakland and to the track. The race will commence at 1:30 P. M. sharp.

Entries for the races close on Friday, February 18th.

The officers of the meeting will be as follows: Committee of Arrangements - C. J. Krytser, L. Sears, R. H. Magill Jr., C. D. Haven Jr., J. S. Tisdale: referee, Ralph de Claremont, San Francisco Bicycle Club; starter, J. D. Arkison, O. R.; judges - Harrison Houseworth, San Francisco Bicycle Club, Harry Hatch, O. R., W. M. Meeker Jr.; timers - George H. Strong, San Francisco Bicycle Club, William P. Lyons, O. R., E. Gibbs, San Francisco Bicycle Club; clerk of the course, J. L. Tisdale, O. R.; scorers - Philip Remillard, O. R., J. C. Lutjen, O. R., P. J. Chapman, O. R.

The Oakland bicyclists expect to have this year's meet of the California Division of the L. A. W. held in Oakland.

Hubert White is the latest addition to the bicycle ranks on this side of the bay. He has joined the Ramblers.