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It is very evident that the athletes of the Olympic Club are not in favor of wheeling. A committee which was appointed to organize a bicycle annex failed twice to form a permanent organization. At the last meeting only three interested wheelmen were present.

The San Francisco Call, San Francisco, California • Fri, Feb 5, 1892, Page 5

A bulletin has been issued by the Olympic Club announcing that Olympians and their friends are cordially invited to join in a sightseeing expedition to Larsen's Inn, on the summit of Bolinas Ridge, Sunday, the 27th inst. The sightseers will leave this city at 8 o'clock for Sausalito, from which place they will go by cars to Ross Station. At this point shank's mare will be brought into requisition, and an easy pace will be had via Liberty's to the summit. Those who intend to "take in" the tramp are requested to go prepared with chow-chow, so as not to kick up any disturbance with the inner man while on the march to mountains high. Silk hats and patent-leather shoes are barred. Bandanas will be found very useful on the home trip.

The following is a programme of events arranged by the Olympic Club for the near future months, viz.: April 16, spring field day-during the same month a grand musical entertainment will be held at the club. In May the annual boxing tournament for the Pacific Coast championship will take place. In June a general gymnastic tournament at the club grounds will be the principal feature of sport.

Members of the club who are desirous of joining the bicycle annex can apply to H. S. Russ, the secretary.

On Sunday a series of practice spins will take place at the Olympic grounds among the runners who are in training for the field day. Entries will close April 9.

The San Francisco Call, San Francisco, California · Friday, March 25, 1892

The Olympic Club bicycle annex will be the guests of the Acmes on a run to Orinda park in the near future. It is expected that there will be fully 100 in line. The Acmes will attend the baseball game on May 15 at the Oakland grounds in a body. The club has a strong relay team and would like to hear from some of the other clubs, with a view of organizing a race. Mr. Broderick, one of the club's scorchers, is looked on as a coming man. The Acmes will give one of their enjoyable ladies' nights on May 19.


The joint picnic run of the Bay City Wheelmen, San Francisco Bicycle Club, Olympic Club Bicycle Annex, Pacific Road Club, Oriental Bicycle Club and Alameda County Wheelmen was the 'cycling event of yesterday, and was a complete success. The start was made at 9:30 A. M. from the new clubhouse of the Bay Citys, on Van Ness avenue, the objective point being San Mateo. The route was from the avenue to Market, thence out Valencia to the San Jose road. As the wheelmen, who started in a bunch, gradually drew out in single file, the line was over four blocks long, and the novel procession attracted much attention. The pace was made slow, and San Mateo was not reached until about 11:30. After riding around the pretty town for a short time, all expressed a desire to see what the provision wagon held. A short distance up the picturesque San Mateo Creek the camp was found, but as lunch was not quite ready, a few of the boys, headed by Captain Pixley of the San Franciscos, took a ride to the big dam and enjoyed & few pleasant moments in viewing the beautiful lake. On returning they found the boys all at lunch, but there was enough for all, and to spare. After the repast smoking and bathing were in order, and members of clubs erstwhile at sword's points fraternized as brothers.

CHAT ABOUT THE CYCLE. - San Francisco Call - May 9, 1892

The subject of this sketch, who was born in 1867 in San Francisco, is a Native Son, life member of the Society of California Pioneers and German Benevolent Society; also in the Olympic Club as a life member, member of the League of American Wheelmen, and was until quite recently a member of the Bay City Wheelmen, which he joined in 1885, and from which he branched out and organized the so-called Columbia Square Wheelmen, of which he was elected captain. This organization disbanded shortly and formed the Olympic Cycling annex, comprising as its prime movers R. R. Russ, H. S. Russ and the Hunter brothers, the former (Bob Russ) being selected as first lieutenant, which office he retained for a few months, when N. Robinson resigned in Russ' favor. Russ never failed to attend a club run nor meeting of any kind in connection with this organization since its existence, and if all were enthused as much as he the Annex would be more than three times its present size. As captain he has instituted races, barbecues, century runs, which are at present on his road book, for his present term of office. He has been riding since 1884, and as an all-around athlete he has competed for the Olympic Club in a tug-of-war, assisted by Kolb and a flew other prominent members, at their grounds. He is the son of A. G. Russ, the capitalist, Mexican War veteran and pioneer of 1846, one of the oldest families of San Francisco and in connection with the Russ House, and nephew of H. B. Russ, the present treasurer of the Olympic Club. R. Russ takes great pleasure in swimming, in fact every line of sport; has recently figured prominently in connection with some big fishing excursion to the Cordell Banks. He is also quite a sharpshooter with the rifle, and has to his credit but a few antlers from the "Four Pointers” bucks which he laid out. As an angler, he is also a good disciple of I. Walton. In conversation he is very openly spoken, modest and makes hosts of friends wherever he goes. He is known as "Railroad Russ," since his name has three Rs. The boys still joke with him over that Tocaloma Club run, in which he figured so prominently. He is a prominent member and hearty supporter of the Olympic Club and is always to the front when assistance is wanted.

Lewis C. Hunter has been actively identified with the Olympic Club for ten years, and has been an enthusiastic wheelman for the past three. He was one of the organizers of the Olympic Cycling Annex, and has been an earnest worker in its behalf ever since its inception.

When the San Francisco Bicycle Club was merged in to the Olympic Club and a reorganization effected under the name of the Olympic Club Wheelmen, he was elected secretary-treasurer; which position he occupies at the present time.

THE WHEEL. - The Capital City Race Meeting - A Club Reunion. - The San Francisco Call, 01 Oct 1893

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