AMONG THE WHEELMEN. - San Francisco Call - January 15, 1896

From Wooljersey


Shaefer and Wells Have Gone South - Olympic Wheelmen's Election.

Charles S. Wells and his trainer, Dave Shaefer, returned to San Diego last night after a three days' stay here. They will continue their efforts against the world's records on the mile horse track there. Shaefer's principal object in coming here was to secure Otto Ziegler Jr. for his team. Ziegler was willing to sign a contract, but does not want to go into training immediately. All other details were satisactory. He feels the need of a rest now, after his long season on the Eastern circuit. He will probably ride on Shaefer's team, however, in 1896, and may have Tom Cooper, Charles S. Wells and W. A. Terrill as his team mates.

The Bay City Wheelmen do not care to join the Interclub Baseball League now being proposed. President Kerrigan says that it would dissipate the energies of the members toward racing, and as they are desirous of winning the annual relay he does not feel that the members should have anything to detract their attention from it. The club is strictly a bicycle club and will leave baseball to others.

The San Jose Road Club will hold a smoker next Saturday night and a ten-mile straightaway road race the following day on the Monterey road. The members are being trained for the relay.

The Bay City Wheelmen will hold a progressive euchre party at the clubrooms next Saturday evening, together with an impromptu musical entertainment and smoker.

The Olympic Club Wheelmen last evening elected the following officers: Charles A. Adams, president; Charles J. Leighton, vice-president; Horace V. Scott, secretary; George H. Stratton, treasurer; W. B. Fawcett, capain; F. W. Fuller, J. F. McGlynn, Thomas Spillane, executive committee. The wheelmen will attend the Olympic Club's benefit next Monday night in a body.

It will come as a great surprise to the cyclists and dealers of this City to learn that Will Knippenberg has resigned his position with the Syracuse people. No cause is assigned and his future intentions are unknown.