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Committee Appointed to Draft a Suitable Ordinance.

City and County Attorney Creswell, as chairman of the wheelmen whose object is to promote good wheeling in this City, has appointed the following committee to frame ordinances for the regulation of wheelmen in this County to be submitted to the Board of Supervisors:

L. R. Ellert, manager California Title and Insurance Company, Mills building, unattached wheelmen: F. H. Kerrigan, Justice of the Peace, new City Hall, Bay City Wheelmen; Charles A. Adams, attorney-at-law, 137 Phelan building, Olympic Club Wheelmen and Camera Club Cyclists: Joseph F. Coffey, attorney-at-law, Supreme Court building, Olympic Cyclers, and Harry F. Wynne, [Henry F. Wynne] druggist, northeast corner Folsom and Twenty-second streets, California Cycling Club. On recommendation Chairman Creswell himself was added to this committee.

The six gentlemen will try to frame ordinances that will not only satisfy wheelmen but will protect pedestrians and drivers in every particular. They fully realize that the walking and driving public want their rights on the highway preserved and protected as well as the wheelmen. Ex-Mayor Ellert has been made chairman of the committee. He will call a meeting at an early date.

FOR GOOD WHEELING. - The San Francisco Call, 24 Oct 1895

The officials for the trial have been named as follows: Referee, Charles Albert Adams; starter, Henry L. Day; judges, C. N. Ravlin, Sanford Plummer, R. A. Smyth, J. C. Hines and H. W. Spalding; timers, Fred L. Day, George P. Wetmore, James W. Coffroth and Edwin E. Stoddard.

THE WHEELMEN. San Francisco Call, 14 August 1897

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