B. C. Raynaud

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The Bay Citys did not do well on this relay. In fact, Davis' riding was so speedy he left the others all the way from one to five minutes behind. The Alamedas were now 15-1/2 minutes behind. Cardinell of the California Club did not ride well, and his club dropped back to ninth position. His time, 35 min. 05 sec., would indicate that he must have met with an accident, though none was reported.

At the end of the sixth some claimed that Raynaud, the Bay City man, passed his packet to Vincent outside of the limit of 100 yards, inside of which the rules of the association prescribe it must be exchanged. Later it was found that the marks were incorrectly placed and that Raynaud had done right, so that the protest the Garden Citys afterward filed on that ground will have to be disallowed.

Rider. Club. Time. Actual
1 C. L. Davis Olympic 11:44:30 28:46
2 Gus Navlet Garden C 11:46:30 30:46
3 B C. Raynaud Bay City 11:47:00 30:13
4 M. F. Rose Acme 11:47:15 29:28
5 Joseph Belloli San Jose 11:50:00 32:11
6 C. D. Gooch Reliance 11:52:00 30:06
7 M. M. Cook Imperial 11:52:15 28:15
8 E. Elliott San Fran 11:53:00 31:26
9 J. D. Cardinell California 11:53:30 35:05
10 F. G. Thomas Alameda 12:00:00 30:42
Fastest time - 1894, 30:00: 1895, 28:30.

WELLS WON FOR THE BAY CITYS. - For the Second Time This Club Gets the Relay Cup. 100-mile relay race - The San Francisco Call, 13 Apr 1896