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Bay City Wheelmen

Among the list of members are: C. E. Adcock, C. A. Angell, E. W. Adams, J. E. Bauer, F. R. Cook, H. C. Cummins, S. Cole, Jos. Cox, F. D. Elwell, E. Fahrbach, T. S. Hill, J. R. Hopkins, W. S. Hopkins, C. A. Howard, J. G. Humphrey, F. C. James, W. M. Meeker, E. Mohrig, C. C. Moore, D. Milroy, A. C. Miller, D. O'Callaghan, F. W. Pierson, N. A. Robinson, F. Richardson, R. A. Smyth, C. J. Schuster, W. D. Sheldon, Thomas Stevenson, William Tietjen, R. W. Turner, R. M. Welch, T. W. Gilmore, A. Lund, P. A. Libby, D. A. Avery, Charles Euler, S. Plummer, R. Thompson, C. A. Elliott, W. A. Searles, W. J. Munro, C. N. Langton, W. J. Gilmore, M. D. Garrett, H. C. Burmeister, [Burmester] E. D. Woodman, S. H Knapp Jr., G. R. Butler, F. E. Browning, G. H. Froboese, W. E. Thompson, L. Hodgkins, W. H. Middlehoff, H. A. Pogue, Charles Hammer, G. D. Shelton, J. J. Hull, William Hull, J. J. Bliss, C. E. Debney, Louis Hinz, Niles Searls Jr., J. W. McClure, James H. Stack, Reed Hawley, T. S Thornberg, E. N. Radke, J. A. Haisley, F. E. Johnston, D. W. Donnelly, F. E Walsh and J. N. Welch.

BAY CITY WHEELMEN, Well-Known Athletes Who Travel Around on Wheels. - The San Francisco Examiner, Oct 14, 1888

What's the matter with Clarence Howard for the mile novice?

To the Summit of Mount Diablo by Wheel. - Wheel. - San Francisco Chronicle, 08 Apr 1889

One-mile novice - Henry Smith, G. C. W..; Joseph Desimone, G. C. W.; Paul Stockton, San Jose; W. A. Shockley, B. C. W.; E. P. Ailborn, University California; E. F. Haas, University California; T. W. Durant; R. S. Ingraham, S. F. B. C.; T. H. Doane, B. C. W.; Clarence Howard, B. C. W.

Wheeling. - The San Francisco Examiner, 29 Apr 1889

A very enjoyable trip for wheelmen to take is the one made by S. H. Knapp Jr. and W. M. Meeker on Sunday week. Leaving San Mateo they took the Spanishtown road as far as Wylie's on the summit, from where they rode along the ridge of the mountains to Pelarcitos and returned by Lake San Andreas. The same day C. A. Howard and R. M. Thompson rode to Spanishtown and back.

The Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 27 May 1889

Clarence A. Howard of the Bay Citys is getting into condition for the season's riding. He is accompanied by A. J. Storey, a recent convert to the sport.

With the Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 26 Jan 1891

L. G. Hodgkins, A. J. Stewart, Charles Dietle, H. B. Sperry, C. A. Howard and A. J. Storey of the Bay City Wheelmen, with a large party of unattached wheelmen, rode to Camp Taylor yesterday. They report the roads very fair. There were eighteen bicycles on the boat.

The Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 25 May 1891

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