CLUB SOCIALS. - San Francisco Examiner - September 26, 1887

From Wooljersey



On Friday evening last the Bay City Wheelmen gave their sixth hop at Odd Fellows' Hall. The attendance was large and fashionable, and the party was one of the most enjoyable of the social events of the young season. Dancing was inaugurated about 9:30 o'clock and continued until 1.

The various committees were as follows: Committee of Arrangements Harry C. Cummins, Thomas L. Hill, S. R. Booth Jr., Chester Angell, Norval H. Robinson; Reception Committee C. Fahrbach, C. C. Moore, D. Avery, R. H. Smyth, C. H. Elliott, P. Libby; Floor Manager - B. O. Welch; Floor Committee D. O'Callaghan, J. C. Bauer, J. C. Cox, W. M. Meeker, R. H. Robinson, Chester Angell, Harry C. Cummins.

The following are the officers of the club: R. M. Welch, President; Chester Angell, Vice-President; E. Farhbach, Secretary; J. E. Bauer, Treasurer; W. M. Meeker, Captain; J. G. Cox, First Lieutenant; P. Libby, Seond Lieutenant; C. C. Moore, First Bugler; L. Cole, Second Bugler; D. Milray, Stand-ard Bearer.

The following were present: H. Hartman, Miss Nettie B. Hamilton, Mrs. A. P. Bonzey, Mr. Bentley, Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Woodmann, W. R. Walsh, Miss L. Melendy, C. W. Iredale, J. M. Parry, Miss Blanche Cheeseman, Mr. Wefelsburg, Miss Wefelsburg, William Nicholson, Mr. Duff, Miss L. Ludlow, F. Meete, Frederick Harriman, Clement J. Schuster, Miss Clara Schuster, Samuel Boukofsky, James G. Fraser, Miss G. A. E. Geib, Almon G. Hinckley, Mrs. Sweet, Miss Hull, Frank O'Kane, Miss Nellie O'Kane, F. Hammer, Miss L. Wheeler, Otto Mader, Miss Carrie Anthony, Mr. Voss, Frank Kenkance, Ed. L. Goetjen, Miss H. Lukin, Miss Fannie Lichtenstein, W. J. Enright, E. P. Gates, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Carroll, Miss Winnie Kelly, J. J. Harrigan, A. A. Phelps, Nelson J. Heywood, H. S. Pratt, Miss Etta Meeker, Charley Hoage, C. B. Wheaton, B. J. Patrick, Harry C. Cummins, Miss Margie C. Weir, Norval A. Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Cook, Mr. and Mrs. E. Mohrig, Chester A. Angell, J. E. Bauer, J. O'Kane Jr., D. Milroy, Emil Fahrbach, Daniel O'Callaghan, Robert R. Russ, F. W. Pierson, William H. Day, Miss Lentene McCreary, Theodore Jenne, Wallace Cowie, Miss Netta Cowie, George Forrest, Miss May Harrold, Ed Carpenter, E. J. Mott, Miss Minna Robinson, A. Kull, Miss Heriet, S. H. Beckett, Miss Mamie Brewer, F. R. Schuster, W. J. Wiley, Miss E. Wiley, Miss L. Poppe, Miss M. Poppe. Charles Kleinclaus, Miss Belle Kleinclaus, Walter Teller, F. Euler, Miss Dora Myer, Will S. Moore, Miss Mamie Moore, Con Reuter, Harry Maxwell, Charles Winterburn, H. S. Lansing, Mr. and Mrs. James F. Swift, Mr. De Clairmont, C. J. Lutgen, Miss Behlow, Miss Escort, Will H. Hartwell, Miss Emma Forrest, John Hutchison, Miss Puss Graves, Gano Coleman, Miss Mona Fayssoux, Robert B. Phillips, Miss Isabelle Lymann, Miss Anna Cookson, Mrs. E. F. Cookson, W. H. Charlock, Miss Lottie Charlock, Mrs. F. Locker, Miss May Murphy, R. S. Atkins, Porter A. Libby, Miss Nellie A. Barry, J. Cameron, Miss Tot Cameron, Miss Kitty McCormick, L. R. Lazalere, Alexander McCulloch, H. Roach, Miss Sophie Folsom, C. Gebhardt, Miss Dot Ingham, E. J. Donnelly, Wallace Howe, Miss L. Mead, Mr. Sprague, Fred G. Harper, Miss Grace Bryant, Miss Grace G. Bonney, W. H. Hammer, Miss C. Slicer, Miss Edith Pidwell, Miss A. Planz, Albert Reid, Mrs. L. E. Estelle, Miss Flora G. Smith, George Meyerderks, A. M. Carrel, Miss Rosecrans, Miss Lizzie Clench, Samuel Mayer, R. Meir, Thomas Doane, William F. Shean, Mrs. E. A. Cookson, Miss M. Shean, Miss Annie Cookson, Miss A. Shean, W. W. Eager, E. H. Mitchell, Miss Ina G. Glassford, Miss Bird Flagg, Mrs. R. K. Whitcomb, Miss Lizzie Flagg, Miss Helen G. Whitcomb, H. W. Williams, Miss Florence Russ, Mrs. W. I. Williams, G. P. Chase, Misses Drew, Miss Martha Smith, D. W. Donnelly, F. W. Parker, Miss Eva M. Donnelly, Miss Hattie Trask, M. Hickok, H. Assen, J. O. Avery, L, E. Arnold, Miss L. M. Fulton, C. Eldredge, Miss Daisy Laughlin, Miss May Weir, W. F. Chipman, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bates, Miss Gross, Mr. Pringle, David W. Pringle, Miss Carrie Forest, Miss Lizzie Pringle, E. R. Lampe, Fred Walter, Miss Leza Lampe, Miss Mamie Meyer, Fred Peterson, Miss M. Walters, George Neuman, Miss Rose Shevlin, Mrs. J. A. Bryant, F. A. Phelps, Harry Bausman. J. A. McCormick, Miss Nellie Kenny, T. E. Euler, William B. Fielding, J. Hession, W. L. Mitchener, William Gilmore, ML3S Maria Laaies, Ernest Preston, Miss Ada Loud, S. F. Booth Jr., Miss Lena Booth, J. H. Thafer, George Graham, Misses Avery, P. J. Euler, J. T. Hucks, W. Maguire, Mrs. G. McClusky, Miss Maguire, A. E. J. Nye, Miss Edith Miller, A. Hanselmann, Thomas Harloe, A. Everding, Miss Annie O'Neill, Cæsar Brand, F. C. Mosebach Jr., Miss Minnie Dannals, S. G. Gircher, Miss Bertha Wuhrman, Will R. Wardwell, H. J. Willis, Miss N. E. Kasheroff, Miss Jennie Greenwood, Miss Nellie Norton, Miss Edith Utter, Charles P. Fonda, Miss Pose Currier, J. Waibel, Miss Kate Stewart, Joseph Harrington, G. W. McNicoll, Miss D. White. William Preston, Miss T. Flynn, George Borne mann, Leon Cook, E. Preston, Misses Flynn, H. Edwards, Miss L. Edwards, W. P. Lewis, Henry Goldsmith, S. I. Blake, P. J. Brown, C. N. Langdon, Miss Maud Langdon, T. H. Reynolds, Miss May Reynolds, Miss Flora Buckbee, Oscar Dittmer, Harry Gosliner, William M. Meeker, Dr. Thomas L. Hill, J. G. Cox, Sam Plummer, Charles Euler, Thomas Gilmore, D. A. Avery, A. Miller, L. Cole, George Ehrenpfort, Charles C. Moore, Robert M. Welch, J. Brewer, R. A. Smyth, Dr. J. G. Humphreys, Charles A. Elliott, C. A. Howard, Robert Tittel, Frank Richards, George Coe.