The Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 27 May 1889

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The Wheelmen.

[Official organ L. A. W.]

Edwin Mohrig, San Francisco, chief consul; J. Phil Percival, Los Angeles, vice-consul; Alexander S. Ireland, San Francisco, secretary-treasurer. Representatives - George H. Frost, Pasadena; Charles C. Moore, Stockton; Dr. Thomas L. Hill, Dr. L. N. Sandford, San Francisco. Dr. J. M. Curragh, San Francisco, representative San Francisco Bicycle Club; Representatives Bay City Wheelmen - J. J. Bliss and Charles C. Moore, San Francisco. J. W. A. Off, Los Angeles representative Los Angeles Wheelmen.

Arrangements for the joint race meet to be given at Stockton on July 4th next by the Oak Leaf Wheelmen of that place and the Bay City Wheelmen of this city, are in progress. W. D. Sheldon and R. M. Thompson of the Bay Citys were in Stockton yesterday on business pertaining to it. A general programme for the day was laid out, and matters arranged as far as possible at this early date. The track is being put in condition and will be very much better than it was last year. It is in the hands of competent people, and the Oak Leaf Wheelmen hope to make it the fastest track on the coast.

The Bay Citys will attend the meet in a body, as will probably the Capital City Wheelmen of Sacramento and the Garden Citys of San Jose. It is anticipated that there will be more wheel men in Stockton than were there at the league meet last year.

The programme comprises a parade in the morning, races in the afternoon, several runs to places of interest after the races, and an entertainment and dance in the evening at the pavilion.

The entertainment will consist of a drill by the Bay City Drill Corps, composed of sixteen picked riders selected by Drillmaster Richardson, exhibitions of fancy riding by E. W. Adams and J. E. Hickinbotham, a game of polo on Stars, and a demon drill by the Oak Leaf Drill Corps, to be followed by dancing. The programme is varied enough to suit all tastes.

The Bay City Wheelmen and the Oak Leaf Wheelmen are the two most prominent and most enthusiastic clubs on the coast, and their entertaining qualities are widely and favorably known to all lovers of the sport. When their efforts are combined, all who are fortunate enough to be their guests may be assured of a right royal good time. The list of events will contain eight races, one of which will probably be run in heats. The committee will apply to the racing board for two State championships - the five mile and the one mile safety. As safety bicycles are barred from ordinary races by the league racing rules, two safety events will be given. It is to be hoped that the University Wheelmen will maintain the position they took as a racing club at the last race meet given here. They should enter at least three men - Townsend, Haas and Lakenan.

The Garden Citys have the two Smiths. - Enough said.

[Henry C. Smith and Julius Smith.]

The Oak Leaf Wheelmen are to be congratulated upon the tasty and elegant clubrooms which they have recently fitted up.

Chief Consul Edwin Mohrig and wife, C. C. Moore and wife and S. H. Knapp Jr. will leave for Los Angeles to-day to attend the league meet to be held there on the 30th.

E. W. Adams returned last week from Washington Territory, where he enjoyed a number of bicycle trips in company with the Tacoma Wheelmen. He reports 'cycling in the great Northwest as booming.

J. G. Cox and F. W. Ray of the Bay City Wheelmen, and S. F. Booth Jr., visited Mount Hamilton Observatory on Saturday, the 18th inst., wheeling from Oakland, via Milpitas and Berryessa.

A very enjoyable trip for wheelmen to take is the one made by S. H. Knapp Jr. and W. M. Meeker on Sunday week. Leaving San Mateo they took the Spanishtown road as far as Wylie's on the summit, from where they rode along the ridge of the mountains to Pelarcitos and returned by Lake San Andreas. The same day C. A. Howard and R. M. Thompson rode to Spanishtown and back.

J. J. B's reinarks which appeared in his letter to a morning paper yesterday pertaining to club uniforms were most pertinent. The least showy and gaudy and the more comfortable and suitable for riding the better tbe uniform. A bicycle rider is conspicuous enough in the plainest of costumes, and a modest suit without braid or ornament surely displays the better taste.

F. E. Browning has just received a new tandem safety bicycle to be used by himself and wife. There will soon be a number of these machines in use here. A race on them would be interesting, especially between such teams as Elwell and Adcock, Browning and Plummer and Davis and Wheaton.

At the meeting of the Bay City Wheelmen to be held next Monday evening nominations will be made for officers for the coming term.