CAMERA AND WHEEL - San Francisco Chronicle, 25 May 1895

From Wooljersey


Success of the Cycling Annex.

Big Event in the California Club.

Another Outing to the Russian River- Personal Notes and News.

Amateur photographers in this city and State are busier than ever before in the history of the pastime. Recent improvements in photographic apparatus have been generally made, and there is not a summer resort in the State which is not making extensive preparations for the visitors who will make amateur photography a prominent element in the season's outings. Every club and amateur photographic society is planning long trips, and the summer promises to result in a collection of photographs, which will be placed on public exhibition later in the year.

The California Camera Club is getting ready for an event which will be remembered in its history. This club is one of the oldest of its kind in the United States By common consent, in the opinion of leading magazines devoted to photography and by the acknowledgment of amateurs all over the world, the California Camera Club is conceded to be the first society of its character in America. It has not only advertised its own name, but that of the State by the excellent work of its members. In European exhibitions of amateur photographic work it has always been given a prominent place when the awards were made known. Scenes of California have been exhibited not only in all the leading cities of America, but in those of the Old World. In every field of photography, in the work of the dark room and in ontdoor results, the club takes first rank. The coming celebration of its anniversary is therefore an event of considerable importance to those who take interest in amateur photography and watch its progress.

The anniversary will be celebrated by an illustrated lecture in Metropolitan Hall next Friday night, the 31st inst. It will be the sixtieth lecture in the series, one having been given every month for five years. The range of subjects has been so wide that it can only be suggested. Each lecture has been a success, and it is the purpose of the club to make the next the greatest.

For the first time an active member of the club will be the lecturer. He is William Alsford, and will choose "The Old World of To-day” as his subject. He is familiar with the theme, and has some of the finest photographs of Continental Europe ever seen here. In strict observance of the rule of the club, no admission price will be charged, tickets being sent to the members and their friends.

The active members of the California Club are now very much interested in cycling. They have organized what they call the California Camera Club Cyclists, and use the wheel as an interesting adjunct to their leading pastime of photography. The following active members of the Camera Club have joined the cycling annex, and each is the possessor of a wheel; Charles A. Adams, J. J. B. Argenti, B. D. Bent, H. A. Boese, H. C. Cantwell, C. F. Cormack, C. S. Close, Mrs. H. C. Cantwell, Mrs. H. H. Douglas, Miss M. E. Faucompre, N. H. Neustadter, H. C. Owens, J. Schlosser, Dr. J. F. Twist, W. E. Goodrum, H. T. Henning, H. B. Hosmer, Miss Belle Jacobs, George H. Kahn, L. Locke, Mrs. A. L Lengfeld, A. G. McFarland, Mrs. A. G. McFarland, C. F. Mead, F. H. McConnell, Miss A. M. Morris, Mrs. W. B. Webster, L. D. Radgesky and W. B. Maxwell.

The following officers of the annex have been elected: President, Charles A. Adams; vice-president, Mrs. A. G. McFarland; secretary, C. F. Cormack; treasurer, H. C. Cantwell; captain, J. J. B. Argenti; first lieutenant, W. E. Goodrum; second lieutenant, H. B. Hosmer. The Camera Cyclists have had several interesting "runs" carefully and elaborately recorded in "snap shots" and more thoroughly planned pictures. Every run is made the chance for new pictures, and more of them than it was possible to get on the old-time outings.

The next run will be to Tocaloma tomorrow. The wheelmen and wheel women will leave the city on the 8 o'clock boat in the morning. The way is by Sausalito to San Anselmo, where the road to San Geronimo will be taken. It is in good condition and an excellent ride is promised. From San Geronimo to Tocaloma the country is rolling in character, but the road could not be better. Lunch will be served at Tocaloma. Friends of the annex are invited and a pleasant trip is promised.

W. S. Hochstadter is doing some very clever work in portraits at present. He has made portraiture a specialty and there are few amateurs in the State who can equal him in this work.

R G. Mudge and Herman Goetjen, two local amateurs of considerable prominence, are arranging for a photographic trip to the Yosemite valley.

W. E. Goodrum is confining himself at present very largely to the study of the chemistry of photography. He has progressed far enough to give lessons to some of his amateur friends.

A score or more of local amateurs are planning a trip to the Russian river in the vicinity of Duncan's Mills. One of the most successful outings of the Camera Club was held there last year, opportunity being afforded not only for picture taking but for fishing and hunting.

The coming exhibition of the Mechanics' Institute promises to have an amateur photographic display of great excellence, The Camera Club has been interested, and hundreds of amateurs who are affiliated with no club will have an opportunity to display their work.