Colonel Ralph de Clairmont

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Ralph de Clairmont January 1834 – 28 September 1920

Ralph "The Colonel" DeClairmont 1 JAN 1834 • Crussel, France - 28 SEPTEMBER 1920 • San Francisco, California


San Francisco Bicycle Club


Daily Alta California, Volume 18, Number 6071, 25 October 1866

Yesterday morning, by invitation of Loring Cunningham, a grand meet took place on the Point Lobos road, at which all the bicycles in the city, together with their owners, by whom they were ridden, were present. The object of the gathering was merely for practice, and for the encouragement and better promotion of the sport. The names of the gentleman, comprising eleven riders, who participated are as follows: Loring Cunningham, W. G. Barrett, R. de Clermont and two sons, James J. Searle, George Searle, George Strong, J. B. Golly, W. B. Land and M. Allen.

BICYCLE-RIDING. Meet on the Point Lobos Road, and Formation of a Club - Fri, Nov 29, 1878 - Page 3 - San Francisco Chronicle

At 12 o'clock the wheelmen refreshed themselves with a luncheon at the Casino, Ralph de Clairmont presiding over the festivities and proposing numerous toasts in honor of the noble sport of bicycling and its followers, all of which were responded to. After the lunch the three Sacramentans rashly proposed a "constitutional" to the Cliff House, and H. C. Finkler undertook the task of piloting them.

The Bicyclists' Meet. - The San Francisco Examiner, 16 Jul 1883

The San Francisco Bicycle Club is the second association of this kind in the United States, being organized December 13, 1878. Ralph de Clairemont, one of the founders, is the oldest bicycle rider on the coast, and imported one of the first French bicycles made in the present form.

ON THE WHEEL. - Daily Alta California, 29 November 1885

Among those present were the following: George J. Hobe, J. Sanderson, Thomas Stevens, R. de Clairmont, T. S. Cobden, A. F. Lawton, H. Houseworth, Charles L. Davis, D. O'Callaghan, Alex Caven, Beverly Letcher, Harry Fonda, Charles P. Fonda, Charles B. Wheaton, A. M. Brown, B. C. Austin Jr., C. Waterhouse, M. Feintuch, H. A. Greene, O. C. Haslett, H. M. Whitely, R. M. Welch, N. A. Givovich, J. W. Gibson, B. H. Patrick, H. C. Finkler, W. Davis, J. F. McCarthy and Martin Gibson.

FAREWELL TO STEVENS. - The San Francisco Examiner, 22 Jan 1887

Columbus Waterhouse responded to the toast of "The Charter Members," and delighted his hearers by reading a letter from Ralph de Clairmont, also a charter member, but who is at present in Guatemala, in which Mr. De Clairmont congratulated the members upon the growing importance of the San Francisco club, and regretted his inability to be present at the annual banquet.

BANQUETING BICYCLISTS. - The Seventh Anniversary of the San Francisco Club. - The San Francisco Examiner, 13 Jan 1890

The first man who rode a bicycle in San Francisco, Ralph de Clairmont of the San Francisco Bicycle Club, is now in Guatemala.

THE WHEEL. - A New Club-House for the San Franciscos. - The San Francisco Call, Jun 8, 1890

The San Francisco Bicycle Club was organized December 13, 1878. Colonel Ralph de Clairmont was the first president, and other prominent members were Captain George H. Strong, ex-governor George C. Perkins, John B. Golly, William H. Fuller, G. L. Cunningham, Fred G. Glynn and C. L. Barrett. The club incorporated this year with the following board of eleven directors; L. D. Owens, H. S. Field, Thomas R. Knox, H. J. Foley. J. C Spencer, H. C. Massie, Thomas R. Cobden, George F. Day, Eugene Unger, Will I. Pixley and B. T. Edwards

THEY ARE ONE NOW. - THE LEADING BICYCLE CLUBS AMALGAMATED. - The Pacific Road Club Merged With the San Francisco Bicycle Club. - San Francisco Chronicle, 30 Dec 1892

After several years of inactivity, the result of an accident, Colonel Ralph de Clairmont, the pioneer bicycle rider of the Pacific Coast and the second to own a wheel in America, can once more be seen among the ranks of the early morning wheelmen. The colonel is now 70 years of age, but in spite of the weight of time on his back is quite a notable figure on account of his erect seat and skillful management of his iron horse.

WHEELMEN PLANNING FOR CLUB TOURS - The San Francisco Call - Saturday, October 06, 1900

DE CLAIRMONT - In this city, September 28, 1920, Colonel Ralph de Clairmont, beloved husband of the late Amalia de Clairmont and loving father of Dr. A. de Clairmont of Toledo, Ohio; Mrs. Alexander Stuart Mackay, Carlos L. and the late Alonzo, Rudolph, Henry and Lorenzo de Clairmont, grandfather of Ralph, Donald, Helen and Anna Mackay and Evelyn, Ralph and Louis de Clairmont, a native of France, aged 86 years. A member of Herman Lodge No. 127, F. & A. M.; San Francisco Bodies No. 1, Scottish Rite Masons; Supreme Consul of 33d Degree of Scottish Rite Masons of Washington, D. C. (Los Angeles papers please copy.)

Friends are invited to attend the funeral service Friday, at 2 o'clock p. m., at Masonic Temple, Van Ness ave. and Oak st., where services will be held under the auspices of the Herman Lodge No. 127, F. & A. M. Cremation, Woodlawn Cemetery. Friends may call at the chapel of Theo. Dierks & Co., corner Divisadero and McAllister sts.

DE CLAIRMONT Colonel Ralph de Clairmont obituary - The San Francisco Examiner - Wednesday, September 29, 1920

Col. de Clairmont, S.F. Pioneer, War Veteran, Succumbs

Colonel Ralph de Clairmont, San Francisco pioneer, well known in theatrical and fraternal circles, died Tuesday at his home, 487 Fourth avenue, after a lingering Illness. Colonel de Clairmont was born in France and was 86 years old. He came to this city more than fifty years ago, having served as a Captain in the United States Army during the Mexican war and also having fought with the Union forces in the Civil War.

In 1890 Colonel de Clairmont went to Guatemala, where he served as chief of staff under President Barrillas. He held this position for three years and returned to San Francisco. For several years he was auditor and cashier at the Orpheum Theater, retiring in 1906.

Colonel de Clairmont was a member of Herman Lodge, No. 127. F and A. M., and San Francisco bodies No. 1, Scottish Rite Masons. He was also a member of Supreme Council of thirty-third degree Scottish Rite Masons at Washington, D. C. He leaves one daughter and, two sons, Mrs. Alexander Stuart Mackay and Carlos L. de Clairmont of this city and Dr. A. de Clairmont of Toledo, Ohio.

Col. de Clairmont, S. F. Pioneer, War Veteran, Succumbs - San Francisco Chronicle - Thursday, September 30, 1920

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