CYCLERS' NEW TRACK. - Matinee at the San Jose Course. - San Francisco Chronicle, 25 Mar 1895

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Matinee at the San Jose Course.

Record for a Third of a Mile Lowered.

A Large Crowd Witnesses the Performance of Allan Jones.

Special Dispatches to the CHRONICLE

SAN JOSE, March 24. - The city was alive with bicyclists to-day. Many were here from San Francisco, Oakland, Alameda and way points, and even Santa Cruz and Monterey were represented.

The occasion of the gathering was the matinee at the Garden City Cyclers' track. It was the first time the new track had been thrown open to the public, and all took the opportunity of inspecting the new racing grounds.

The event was not sanctioned by the League of American Wheelmen racing board, and consequently the records made were not official, although a world's record was broken, and in one other instance the time was only one second behind the world's record.

The two grand stands were completely filled. On the bleachers was a sign "Dangerous, Keep Off," but the people did not heed it for the place was packed. Besides, the track was lined with people on all sides and on account of the great crowd it was almost impossible to keep the track clear. There were at least 5000 people present. About 1500 wheels were on the grounds.

Howard Alexander acted as master of ceremonies. Everything about the affair was impromptu, those taking part in the races volunteering a few moments before the events were called.

Richard Aylward acted as starter. H. A. Spalding, W. H. Stinson and C. N. Ravlin as judges, and Joe Desimone and Joe Delmas as timers.

The first event was a one-third of a mile handicap. Elmer Sherman was given 40 yards handicap. Allan Jones and Oscar Osen started from the scratch. They finished in the order named. Sherman finished in 42 seconds, Jones in 42 1-5, and Osen in 43.

Jones knocked one and three-fifths of a second off the world's record and was cheered to the echo. Jones is one of the men who rode on the "quad" when Edwards made his world's straightaway mile record at Livermore. As the race was held on Sunday and there was no sanction, the record will not stand.

The second event was a two-thirds of a mile handicap, in which eight started. Elmer Sherman got seventy yards and Allan Jones started from the scratch. Sherman finished first in 1:26 1.5, which is within one second of the world's record. Jones finished second in 1:26 2-5.

The longest race of the matinee as the mile invitation, in which Rome Dow, Elmer Sherman, Al Hubbard and others started. Dow won in 2:47 3-5 and the orners finished in the order named.

The next was one-third of a mile with Dow, Jarman and Bryan as the contestants. Dow again won. Time 0:47 2-5.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent by the past assemblage in watching Ziegler and his riding mate, Eddie Bald, and Edwards and his associates go through their daily exercise. Some nice work in sporting was done.

The Garden City Cyclers' big meet will be held April 19th and 20th.

A large number of wheelmen gathered at the East San Jose course this morning to witness the fifth five mile handicap road race of the San Jose Road Club. Many visiting wheelmen from San Francisco and Oakland, who were in attendance at the cyclers' smoker last night, were present.

The contestants with their handicaps were as followS: C. E. High, 2 min.; J. T. Bailey, 1 min. 30 sec.; J. D. Mulvey, 1 min. 30 sec.; C. K. Benjamin, 1 min. 30 sec; J. J. Carroll, 1 min. 15 sec.; G. W. Bell, 1 min. 15 sec.; M. O'Brien, 1 min. 15 sec.; F. Smith, 1 min. 15 sec.; J. A. Belloli 1 min.; C. C. Peppin, 1 min.: W. Harris, 45 sec.: G. Navlet, 45 sec.: F. Larder, 30 sec.; V. A. Benson, 30 sec.; A. Schwall, 15 sec.; G. Hardenbrook, 15 sec.; Ted Belloli and F. O. McFarland, scratch.

Of this number J. T. Bailey. J. A. Belloli, L. Larder and G. Hardenbrook did not start and C. E. High and J. J. Carroll dropped out in the struggle.

The race was close and the contestants finished as follows: G. Navlet, 14:15; M. O'Brien, 15:00; G. W. Bell, 15:12; F. Smith, 15:24: J. Harrington, 14:30: C. K. Benjamin, 15:02: C. C. Peppin, 14:45; Ted Belloli, 13:58; F. A. McFarland, 13:58; A. Schwall, 14:05; V. A. Benson, 14:50; W. Harris, 15:35; J. D. Mulvey, 17:00.

Ted Belloli beat out McFarland, who holds the coast record of 13:48.

Navlet, who came in first in the race, has won the silver Cup trophy twice, as has Vic A. Benson. The next race till decide to whom the cup belongs.

FRESNO. March 24. - There was a ten-mile bicycle race at the fair grounds today by riders from Fresno, Tulare, Kings and Madera counties. John Hertwick won the race, on a one-minute handicap, and the best time was made by Claud Schaefer, 29:40.