V. A. Benson

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Victor A Benson 3 March 1876 – 6 June 1960


V. A. Benson, who received a start of 1:30, was first over the tape, winning the prize, a silver cup. His time was 15:12. The cup becomes the personal property of the winner of three successive races.

BENSON WINS THE SILVER CUP. - The San Francisco Examiner, 20 Aug 1894

THE WHEELMEN. - San Francisco Call, 27 July 1895

Garden City Cyclers Hardy Downing, Tom O. Evans, Charles M. Smith, Victor A. Benson.

The San Francisco Examiner San Francisco, California 19 Feb 1896, Wed • Page 7

Smashed a Tandem Record.

SAN JOSE, October 23. The tandem Class A record for one mile unpaced was smashed to-day by Victor Benson and Hardy Downing of the Garden City Cyclers, who circled the track in 2:03, clipping four and two-fifths seconds off the Class A record for the distance. The record was made under a sanction.

The San Francisco Examiner San Francisco, California 24 Oct 1895, Thu • Page 10

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