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Lawrence Devany 21 March 1855 – 9 November 1899


The following were the officers of the meeting: Referee, George H. Strong: judges, C. U. Brewster, C. A. McDonald, Joseph J. Bliss; timers, L. Devany, William Greer Harrison, H. Coffin; umpires, Charles Crisley Moore, O. C. Haslett; clerks, Henry J. Reuman, Charles L. Davis; scorer, F. Howell Royce; starter, J. D. Arkison.

THE WHEEL. - Oakland Tribune, 11 Sep 1888

Chief Consul Thompson last week appointed three local consuls for San Francisco, Edwin W. Adams, George A. Morrill and L. Devany, and upon the recommendation of Local Consuls Gage of Oakland and Lassen of Alameda has appointed the Hotel Crelling of the former city and the Park Hotel of the latter league hotels.

The Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 31 Mar 1890

Since the recent enlargement of the cyclery at Golden Gate Park Mr. Devany finds that more ladies are learning to ride than ever before in his extended experience.

CHAT ABOUT THE CYCLE. - A Brief Sketch of the Garden City Cyclers. - Frank Waller Makes a New World's Record. - The Coming Century Run - Straight Spokes. - The San Francisco Call, Jun 13, 1892

The officials who undertook to manage the tournament were: Referee, Robert M. Welch; Judges, W. D. Sheldon, William H. Hallett, George F. Neece; Tímers, Edwin Mohrig, E. E. Stoddard, L. Devany: Scorers, H. W. Spalding, A. C. Thornton, A. Thiesen; Starter, Sanford Plummer; Umpires, A. Barnes, C. H. Forbes, L. W. Lovey, A. Briggs, B. Allen Brown; Clerks of the course, David Marshall, George L. Hall, Henry L. Day; Announcer, Wilbur F. Knapp; Director of the day, George P. Wetmore.

BICYCLISTS IN BAD LUCK. - Dirnberger Was Thrown and Bliss Pocketed in Their First Race. - The San Francisco Examiner, 20 May 1894

Lawrence Devany, of San Francisco, died at his residence on November 9. Mr. Devany was president of the DevanyHopkins company, and one of the pioneer bicycle agents of the Pacific coast. He had also been prominent in politics, having recently ended a term as supervisor. Mr. Devany was 44 years old.

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