THE WHEEL. - Oakland Tribune, 11 Sep 1888

From Wooljersey


At the meet at Center street yesterday between the Scorchers of Alameda, the Bay City Wheelmen, the University Bicyclists, and the San Francisco Bicycle Club the following programme was carried out before 500 persons.

One mile novice – Entries, A. M. Brown, A. S.; H. N. Egbert, S. F. B. C.; Louis Hinz, B. C. W.; L. G. Hodgkins, B. C. W.; Charles Townsend, U. C. Winner, Brown. Time, 3:01 4-5.

Two mile handicap - Entries, C. B. Wheaton, S. F. B. C., scratch; B. C. Austin, S. F. B. C., 180 yards; E. L. Favor, S. F. B. C., 165 yards. Winner, Wheaton. Time, 6:33. The Pacific Coast record is held by A. S. Ireland; Time, 6 minutes.

One mile dash - Entries, A. M. Brown, A. S., and G. W. Davis, S. F. B. C.; winner, Davis; time 1:30 1/2. The Pacific coast record is held by A. W. Allen; time 1:22 1/2.

One mile rover type - Entries, Charles P. Fonda, S. F. B. C., and F. E. Browning, B. W. C.; winner. Fonda; time 3:19 1/4. The Pacific coast record is held by N. A. Robinson; time 3:10 1/2. As the winner in this case did not establish a record be received no medal.

One mile scratch - Entries. W. G. Davis. S. F. B. C. and C. B. Wheaton, S. F. B. C.; winner Davis; tiine 3:22. The Pacific coast record is held by F. D. Elwell; time 2:48 1/2.

Three mile handicap - Entries, Alex S. Ireland, A. S., scratch; A. M. Brown, A. S. 100 yards; Oliver C. Haslett, A. S., 125 yards; winner Brown; time 9:53 1/2.

The following were the officers of the meeting: Referee, George H. Strong: judges, C. U. Brewster, C. A. McDonald, Joseph J. Bliss; timers, L. Devany, William Greer Harrison, H. Coffin; umpires, Charles Crisley Moore, O. C. Haslett; clerks, Henry J. Reuman, Charles L. Davis; scorer, F. Howell Royce; starter, J. D. Arkison.