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ancestry.com: Robert Wilson Turner - 8 JUN 1878 • San Francisco, CA - 20 DEC 1946 • San Francisco, CA
Note, the census records in this url confirm 1868, not 1878 birth date. It's in error.

familysearch.org: Robert Wilson Turner June 1868 – 20 December 1946

Brother of G. C. Turner


The Bay City Wheelmen include the following gentlemen: H. S. Blood. S. F. Booth, Jr., F. R. Cook, C. L. Davis, G. F. Day, W. H. Day, John Ehlus, E. Fahrback, H. Houseworth, T. L. Hill, F. C. James, F. E. Johnson, Thos. Knight, J. A. Little, W. M. Meeker, Chas. McCulley, W. J. Munro, A. S. Neal, D. O'Callaghan, G. L. Payne, J. C. Quinn, H. Reaman, E. Rideout, W. Rideout, R. A. Smythe, C. J. Schuster, W. K. Slack, W. F. Sperbeck, H. C. Tenny, R. Little, Thos. Thornberg, Wm. Tietjen, Edward Mohrig, C. Thompson, F. E. Walsh, R. M. Welch, G. E. Dixon, P. E. Haslett, W. G. Davis, J. W. Lawlor, Sam Parsons, F. D. Elwell, Robt. Turner, W. G. Waters and C. Angel. To the young Rideout brothers belong the honor of being the first to make the Yosemite trip on bicycles.

ON THE WHEEL. - Daily Alta California, 29 November 1885

In the five-mile handicap there were R. H. Magill, 150 yards; A. S. Ireland, scratch; L. Sears, 250 yards: D. W. Donnelly, scratch: R. W. Turner, scratch, and W. W. Haralson, 100 yards.

This was won in splendid style by Turner in 17:25, Ireland second and Magill third. F. D. Elwell carried off the honors in the one mile race for the State championship in 3:16 25, with S. F. Booth, Jr., second.

ON WHEELS. - A Great Day for California Bicycles - Winners of Races - The San Francisco Examiner, 10 Sep 1886

Five mile L. A. W. State championship - C. A. Biederman, W. W. Haralson, P. E. Haslett, B. C. W.; L. R. Larzelere, S. F. Bi. C.; R. W. Turner, B. C. W.

THE RAMBLERS. - Oakland Tribune, 19 Feb 1887

Among the list of members are: C. E. Adcock, C. A. Angell, E. W. Adams, J. E. Bauer, F. R. Cook, H. C. Cummins, S. Cole, Jos. Cox, F. D. Elwell, E. Fahrbach, T. S. Hill, J. R. Hopkins, W. S. Hopkins, C. A. Howard, J. G. Humphrey, F. C. James, W. M. Meeker, E. Mohrig, C. C. Moore, D. Milroy, A. C. Miller, D. O'Callaghan, F. W. Pierson, N. A. Robinson, F. Richardson, R. A. Smyth, C. J. Schuster, W. D. Sheldon, Thomas Stevenson, William Tietjen, R. W. Turner, R. M. Welch, T. W. Gilmore, A. Lund, P. A. Libby, D. A. Avery, Charles Euler, S. Plummer, R. Thompson, C. A. Elliott, W. A. Searles, W. J. Munro, C. N. Langton, W. J. Gilmore, M. D. Garrett, H. C. Burmeister, [Burmester] E. D. Woodman, S. H Knapp Jr., G. R. Butler, F. E. Browning, G. H. Froboese, W. E. Thompson, L. Hodgkins, W. H. Middlehoff, H. A. Pogue, Charles Hammer, G. D. Shelton, J. J. Hull, William Hull, J. J. Bliss, C. E. Debney, Louis Hinz, Niles Searls Jr., J. W. McClure, James H. Stack, Reed Hawley, T. S Thornberg, E. N. Radke, J. A. Haisley, F. E. Johnston, D. W. Donnelly, F. E Walsh and J. N. Welch.

BAY CITY WHEELMEN, Well-Known Athletes Who Travel Around on Wheels. - The San Francisco Examiner, Oct 14, 1888

The next race was the two-mile League of American Wheelmen's State championship race, the coast record being six minutes. The starters were: F. E. Southworth, Oak Leaf Club; W. G. Davis of San Francisco, and R. W. Turner of the Bay City. Turner led off, closely followed by Davis, who saved himself on the first mile, which was made in 3:28. Turner was allowed to lead until crossing the line for the last lap, when Davis ran away from him, winning the race easily in 6:48.

The Bicycle Races at Stockton. - San Francisco Chronicle, 05 Jul 1889

The one mile safety State championship race R. W. Turner of San Francisco, Charles P. Fonda of San Francisco, J. F. Ives of Alameda and Thomas H. Doane of San Francisco contested. It was won by Ives, Doane second. Time, 3m.18 3-5s.

ON TWO WHEELS. - San Francisco Chronicle, 05 Jul 1890

A number of the Garden City Wheelmen, Oak Leaf Wheelmen, Alameda Bicycle Club, Oakland Bicycle Club and Bay City Wheelmen have signified their intention to appear on the track. Among the racers will be Elwell, Cook, Plummer, Southworth, Davis, Wheaton, Hickenbotham, Whetmore, Turner, Smith and others.

With the Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 26 Jan 1891

George C. and W. R. Turner have recently returned from an enjoyable trip in Lake county. Starting from Petaluma they found fairly good roads to Cloverdale. The trip from Cloverdale was through picturesque country, the road following the windings of Russian river in a deep canyon. A climb up the Pieta grade - an excellent road, shaded by the red woods - brought them to the toll-house, from which the descent to Highland Springs was gradual. A few miles further on to Kelseyville completed the second-days' trip.

The next day was spent at Soda Bay, on the shores of Cedar Lake, enjoying beautiful scenery and exhilarating atmosphere. From Lakeport to Saratoga Springs, Laurel Dell and the Blue lakes and over to Ukiah took the next day, allowing ample stops at the springs and Blue lakes. After an hour's boating the start was made for Ukiah. On the road to Ukiah the dust averaged six inches in depth.

From Mendocino's county seat an early start was made for Cloverdale, traveling through a fine country and over good roads. From Cloverdale to the Geysers was a climb up a steep grade and both wheelmen were glad when the trip was over. From the Geysers a short climb brought them to the summit, where drags of brushwood were attached to the wheels and the descent made at a rapid pace.

After reaching level country a feeling of relief was experienced after the excitement of whirling around mountain gorges of precipitous inclines.

A short spin over good roads to Calistoga brought them to their next stopping-place. A few hours' travel via the Petrified forest and Santa Rosa completed the trip, which was thoroughly enjoyed by both. The weather was excellent, cool, clear mornings for riding and fine starlight evenings. The whole distance traveled was 265 miles, taken in easy stages. Any one desiring a week's outing on the wheel for health and pleasure and having an eye for the beautiful they advise to go to Lake county, away from the fogs and winds of the Coast and into as balmy and bracing air as can be found in the State.

THE NATIONAL CIRCUIT RACES. - The San Francisco Examiner, 09 Nov 1895

Petaluma Wheelmen Elect Officers.

PETALUMA, Cal, April 4 The Petaluma Wheelmen have elected as officers for the coming year: Fred A. Wickersham, president; James V. Long, vice-president; Robert W. Turner, secretary; H. B. Higbee, treasurer; Joseph Steiger, captain. These officers form the executive committee.

The San Francisco Call, San Francisco, California 05 Apr 1897

Mrs. Turner has been dead for eighteen years. There are five adult children. George C. Turner is in the office of the ticket auditor or the southern Pacific Company. Robert W. Turner is assistant cashier of the Petaluma Savings Bank. Howard A. Turner is in an Insurance office and there are two daughters, Helen B. and Marian S. Turner.

San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco, California, 08 Feb 1899

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