ON TWO WHEELS. - San Francisco Chronicle, 05 Jul 1890

From Wooljersey



A Fully Attended Meeting of Wheelmen and Interesting Races.

Special Dispatch to the CHRONICLE.

San Jose, July 4 - Fifteen hundred people attended the races given by the California division of the League of American Wheelmen this afternoon. The track was in good order, though a trifle soft, and this, in connection with a fresh breeze, militated against record breaking, though creditable time was shown. The quarter-mile dash was won by R. E. Dow of San Jose, C. E. Townsend of Berkeley second. Time, 44s.

The one mile safety State championship race R. W. Turner of San Francisco, Charles P. Fonda of San Francisco, J. F. Ives of Alameda and Thomas H. Doane of San Francisco contested. It was won by Ives, Doane second. Time, 3m.18 3-5s.

In the one-mile novice race four heats resulted in the selection of Al Rivett of Sacramento, O. L. Peckard of Oakland, E. C. Wagner of Stockton and W. W. Needham of San Jose. Rivett won, Needham second. Time, 3:12.

The one-mile district championship had as starters D. L. Burke of Los Angeles and Henry Smith of San Jose. It was won by Smith. Time, 3m. 3 3-5s.

The three-mile handicap starters were W. R. Lipsett of San Jose, 250 yards; E. C. Wagner of Stockton, 250 yards, and R. W. Turner of San Francisco, 75 yards. Julius Smith of San Jose was scratch man. At the last minute he decided to withdraw and save himself for the five-mile district championship. Lipsett won, beating Wagner 100 yards and Turner an eighth of a mile. Time, 10:09m. 2-5s.

The half-mile dash, State championship, entries were C. E. Townsend of Berkeley, D. L. Burke of Los Angeles and J. E. Hickinbotham of Stockton. The latter made a few revolutions to save his entrance, and then withdrew. Burke won by twenty-five yards. Time, 1:33.

The one-mile tandem safety race was contested by George Osen and William Edwards of San Jose and F. H. Doane and T. F. Gilmour of San Francisco. The San Jose men won in 3:19.

In the five-mile district championship the starters were Al Rivett of Sacramento, R. W. Turner of San Francisco, Julius Smith of San Jose, D. L. Burke of Los Angeles and C. B. Townsend of Berkeley. Smith led from the start. Burke following closely. Townsend, Turner and Rivett coming in in the order named.

In the second lap Turner withdrew, and in the fourth Burke and Townsend followed his example, leaving Smith and Rivett. Smith won by 150 yards. Time, 16:58 1-5.

In the one-mile handicap the starters were: W. R. Lipsett of San Jose, 75 yards; Al Rivett of Sacramento, 75; Oscar Osen of San Jose, 75; George Swain of Stockton, 75; J. E. Alexander of San Jose, 60; F. Drake of Oakland, 75, and R. E. Dow of San Jose, 40. The scratch man, Southworth, failed to start, and Swain won, close pressed by Dow. Time, 3:01 2-5.

The two-mile Safety handicap entries were: Sam Small of Oakland, 150 yards; R. W. Turner of San Francisco, scratch; George Osen of San Jose, 150; J. F. Ives of San Francisco, 75; T. H. Doane of San Francisco, scratch, and Joe Delmas of San Jose, 150. It was won by Ives in 6:44 1-5.