THE WHEELMEN. - Oakland Tribune, 11 Oct 1886

From Wooljersey


Local 'Cycling Notes of More or Less Interest.

The Bay City Wheelmen will give a "hop" on the 23d instant. They will then appear in their new suits of cadet gray, trimmed with black. The medals, which are said to be very handsome, will be presented on this occasion. It is understood that all league members will be invited.

Quite a number of wheelmen were in Haywards and San Leandro yesterday, among the number being Magill, Biederman, Ireland the poet, Sears, Haralson and Robinson.

Some of the San Mateo wheelmen visited San Leandro yesterday, but stayed only a few minutes.

The run and banquet of the San Francisco Bicycle Club did not occur yesterday. It will probably be held at Lake Chabot next Sunday.

Next Sunday a run of the new club, the A. C. W., will be held. All the members are expected to be in readiness to participate.

A certain member of the A. C. W. struck a game in San Leandro, yesterday, that nearly bankrupted, him. It was two bits a chance and a present guaranteed every time. He spent three dollars and six-bits trying for a gold watch, and when he left he had two pairs of tin bracelets, one ten-cent bottle of perfumery, a cigar, a lead pencil and a bottle of ink.

Chief Consul Welch has assigned the election of a representative to the league members on this side of the bay. There is but one candidate so far, W. W. Haralson, who is an enthusiastic cyclist, and a man well fitted for the position. Every league member should vote for him.

From all reports the overland tourists are frauds. Those who have recently honored California with their presence, it is said, got away with a suit of clothes apiece and about $100 in cash.

Bowman is a member of the new club.

Ireland has developed signs of "poecy," and it is understood he will be asked to resign from the A. C. W.

There is talk of a race meet to be held at Pleasanton, given by the A. C. W. and Livermore Bicycle Club.

A number of wheelmen are taking advantage of the moonlight night's to take a spin on their wheels.

Haslett has over three thousand miles to his credit in the cyclometer race.

Tenney and Olney are out on their new Rudge Humber tandem.

The Niles road is in poor condition. Races will be held on Thanksgiving.

The new club, A. C. W., will admit of lady and associate members.