WHEELMEN AT SAN JOSE. - The San Francisco Examiner - September 10, 1892

From Wooljersey


Opening of the New Track of the Garden City Cyclers.

[Special to the EXAMINER.]

SAN JOSE, September 9. - Although many hundreds of people left San Jose to join in the Native Sons' festivities at Los Gatos there were enough pleasure-seekers left to turn out about 2,000 at the inaugural race meet of the Garden City cyclers on their new track opened to the public to-day. An excellent programme of events was presented, in which wheelmen from all over the Coast participated. The excursion from San Francisco brought down an immense crowd.

At 10 o'clock the grand parade was held, in which 300 wheelmen appeared, including about thirty ladies. A first prize was awarded to the Bay City Wheelmen of San Francisco for having the largest number - fifty-four - in line and another to the California Military Cycling Corps for the best appearance.

In the afternoon the races were excellently managed. The following are the results:

One mile, Novice, fifteen entries - T. C. Dodge, Bay City Wheelmen. Time, 3 minutes and 4 seconds.

Half-mile, Safety championship, fifteen entries - Wilton Edwards, Garden City Cyclers. Time, 1:26 1-5.

Two miles, ordinary championship, seven en tries - David Marshall, Bay City Wheelmen. Time, 7:32 2-5.

Mile, Safety handicap, thirty entries - Fred Magill, Alameda Bicycle and Athletic Club. Time, 2:35 1-5.

One mile, ordinary handicap, eight entries - L. S. Apson, Capital City Wheelmen of Sacramento. Time, 2:47 2-5.

A five-mile handicap, which had four entries and was won by Wilbur Edwards of the Garden City Cyclers was called no race, on account of the record, 16 minutes 46 3-5 seconds, not being within the limit of fifteen minutes. On the second go Edwards won easily in 14:41 2-5.

The grand ball this evening in Germania Hall in honor of the visitors was largely attended. Club runs will be made tomorrow and Sunday to Alum Rock, Saratoga and other resorts.