BICYCLE RECORDS BROKEN. - The Annual Meet of the Capital City Wheelmen. - The San Francisco Examiner, 03 Oct 1893

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The Annual Meet of the Capital City Wheelmen.

The Pacific Coast Mile Record Broken by W. J. Edwards, Who Made the Distance in 2:15 - W. G. Elliott Travels Twenty Miles in 59:28 - The Two-Mlle Handicap and Many Other Events.

SACRAMENTO, October 2. - The Pacific Coast one-mile bicycle record, 2:18, made by Fox in Los Angeles, was broken to-day at Agricultural Park by W. J. Edwards of the Garden City Cyclers of San Jose, who made the mile in 2:15. Another Coast record was broken by W. G. Elliott of the C. C. W., who rode twenty miles in 59:25, beating the best previous record. The San Jose boys won most of the events of the day.

Fully 2,000 people were at the Park to witness the second annual meet under the auspices of the Capital City wheelmen. The day was fine and the track in excellent condition. The meeting was pronounced a grand success. The attendance of visiting bicyclers was very large.

The clubs represented were the Acme Athletic Club, Alameda Bicycle Club, Bay City Wheelmen, Garden City Cyclers, San Jose Road Club and Crescent Wheelmen of Dixon.

The programme contained nine well arranged ovents. The director of the day was S. P. Ennis; F. M. Welch was referee and R. A. Smyth and H. Crisinsen umpires, W. H. Foster, the crack wheelman, although down to enter, did not, as he was in no condition, having just returned from the East. He officiated as starter. Prizes to the value of over $500 were put up.

The first event was for novices - one mile. There were eight starters. C. B. Vanderbilt, C. C. W., won the gold medal in 12:36 3-5; second, Al H. Jarman, G. C. C.

The next event was a one-mile scratch. The following started: Otto Ziegler, S. J. R. C.; R. L. Long, A. B. C.; C. L. Davis, G. C. C.; L. S. Upson, C. C. W.; George Hamlin, C. C. W.; J. E. Alexander, G. C. C.; C. S. Wells, B. C. W., and W. A. Terrill, B. C. W. Davis proved the swiftest rider and the first prize, a gold watch. Time, 2:37 4-5.

The third event was one mile, for novices, members of the C. C. W. There were three starters. Burt Warren came in first in 2:40; second, W. A. Hubert, 2:40 3-5.


The fourth event, Invitation, one-quarter of a mile, had the following starters: W. A. A. Terrill, B. C. W.; C. L. Davis, G. C. C.; W. J. Edwards, G. C. C.; Otto Zeigler, S. J. R. C., and J. E. Alexander, G. C. C.

It was an exciting and close finish between Ziegler and Edwards. Ziegler was awarded the race. Time, 32 seconds; Edwards, 32 1-5 seconds, and Alexander third. The time equals the record. Edwards claimed that Ziegler had fouled him and entered a protest after the announcement that Ziegler had won. Ziegler tacitly admitted to referee Welch he was wrong. Edwards was satisfied with the admission and withdrew his protest not until, however, Welch warned Ziegler to be more careful here after.

A boys' race, one-half mile, was the next event. Wallie Hierson beat five starters. Time, 1:28. H. G. Smith second and W. H. Upson third.


The sixth race was a two-mile handicap with these eight starters: Otto Ziegler, S. J. R. C., scratch; C. L. Davis, G. C. C., 40 yards; L. S. Upson, G. C. W., 65 yards: J. L. Alexander, G. C. C., 65 yards; C. S. Wells, B. C. W., 65 yards; H. F. Terrill, B. C. W., 65 yards; G. M. Hamlin, C. C. W., 160 yards; J. A. Delmas, G. C. C., 160 yards. Ziegler rode hard to win this race, but Davis had too much of a start and won by two tires. Time, 4:48 4-5. Second, Ziegler, 4:49; third, Hamlin.

It was in the next event, one-mile handicap, that Edwards became the champion amateur one-mile rider of the Coast by reducing the record to 2:15. Leaving aside the good time made, it was a great race for Edwards to win, handicapped as he was. It was not until the home-stretch was entered that Edwards reached the front man in the race, and then he drove his wheel to the front and passed the judges' stand as swift as a race-horse could run. The announcement that Edwards had broken the record caused a tumultuous cheer from the crowd. The Garden City cyclers ran into the track and added to the cheering by yelling their club cry. Edwards received an ovation and many congratulations.

The summary of this race is as follows: First, W. J. Edwards, G. C. C., scratch, 2:15; second, J. A. Delmas, G. C. C.. 2:15 2-5, 90 yards; third, Al H. Jarman, G. C. W., 160 yards; C. S. Wells, B. C. W.. 35 yards; W. A. Terrill, B. C. W., 70 yards; G. M. Hamlin, C. C. W., 90 yards; R. L. Long, A. B. C., 100 yards; W. G. Elliott, C. C. W., 125 yards; F. A. Hutton, C. C. W., 123 yards ; Charles Harrington, unattached, 125 yards; W. G. Hill, C. C. W., 150 yards; C. B. Vanderbilt, C. C. W.. 150 yards; A. M. Gault, C. C. W., 175 yards, and W. A. Hubert, C. C. W., 175 yards.

The remaining events resulted as follows:

One mile, three-minute class, for members of C. C. W., two starters - Burt Warren, 2:39.

Three-mile division championship, six starters - C. L. Davis, G. C. C., 12:10: second, C. S. Wells, B. C. W.; third. W. J. Edwards, G. C. C.


After the events W. A. Hubert of the C. C. W. announced that he would ride twenty miles for a trophy offered by his club to the wheelman making the best time for that distance between now and the first of next year. When Hubert started W. G. Elliot of the C. C. W. rode with the former to set the pace. Elliot, who had not thought at first of making the twenty miles, concluded after several circuits of the track to race for the trophy. At the end of twenty miles he had beat Hubert in, making the time in 59:25, beating the record. Hubert's time was 59:54.

Edward and Alexander made a one-quarter-mile record trial and failed. Alexander, who was ahead, made the time in 32 2-5 seconds.

Between the events Professor James Ordway gave a very good exhibition of fancy and trick bicycle riding.

To-night the visiting bicycling are being entertained and feasted by the local wheelmen, who are not chagrined in the least that the San Joseans will go home with most of the winning prizes.