BICYCLING. - Oakland Tribune, 22 Nov 1886

From Wooljersey


The 25-Mile Road Race on Thanksgiving Day.

The preparations for the twenty-five-mile road-race have been completed, and the race cannot but prove one of the greatest ever run on this coast. The Ramblers of this city have charge of it. The racers will start at 11 A. M. from a point seven-eighths of a mile from San Leandro, from thence to San Lorenzo, thence to Haywards and back to San Leandro. This triangle will be traversed three times to give the required distance, and finish at San Leandro. The Bay City Wheelmen, of San Francisco, have entered as their team Mess's. Elwell, Adcock and Booth; the San Francisco Bicycle Club's team will consist of Messrs. Larzelere, Letcher and Griffin; the San Mateo Wheelmen enter Knapp, Donnelly and Reed; the Capital Citys, of Sacramento, will send down Cook, Toll and Breuner; and the Oakland Ramblers will be represented by W. W. Haralson, of Fitchburg, A. J. Rosborough and A. S. Ireland, of Highland Park. Barring accidents, it is anticipated that Elwell will win.

The latest convert to tricycling is J. Cairn Simpson, editor of the Breeder and Sportsman. There is more joy in heaven over one sinner (trotting horse mad) that repenteth than the etc., etc., which need no repentance.

The names of W. W. Haralson, of Oakland, and S. F. Booth, Jr., of San Francisco, have been sent to President Beckwith of the L. A. W. for appointment as the two additional representatives to which California is now entitled.

The half-mile State championship will be run off at Los Angeles on the 25th instant.

Thomas Stevens has abandoned the idea of riding through China, so he will be here about the end of the year, earlier than he expected. The company whose wheel he is advertising have arranged to give him a big reception on his arrival here.

The California division L. A. W. had about ten members at this time last year; it now has over two hundred, and is still increasing.