THE WHEELMEN. San Francisco Call, 14 August 1897

From Wooljersey


Kraft Will Try for the Twenty-Mile Record To-morrow — Acme Road Pace.


Acme Club Wheelmen — Road race, San Leandro to Haywards.
Bay City Wheelmen — Run to San Leandro.
Chance Acquaintance Club — Run to San Mateo.
Imperial Cycling Club — Yachting party.
Olympic Club Wheelmen — Blind run.
San Francisco Road Club — to San Quentin.

Charles A. Kraft of the Bay City Wheelmen, who has justly earned the right to be called the best road-rider in the State, will endeavor to make a new coast record for twenty miles to-morrow morning over the San Leandro triangle. The arrangements have been in the hands of D. Lloyd Conkling, and are so complete that it would seem Kraft cannot fail to break all coast records and possibly establish one lower than any Eastern performance. Nothing but an accident or a poor road will prevent him, for he certainly has the speed, determination and all that go to make up a record-breaker.

The start will be about 10 o'clock from Fitchburg, and the course is around the San Leandro triangle. Officials and spectators will all go over on the 8:30 a. m. boat. The course has been divided so that no tandem team will have more than two miles to pace Kraft, and should therefore make the speed very fast.

Kraft will start out behind the Davidson brothers, John E. and Walter J., of the Bay City Wheelmen, and be taken by them to the power-house this side of San Leandro, where Vincent and Ferguson, B. C. W., will take him and carry him to the first junction - beyond San Leandro. There he will be picked up by Thiesen and Birdsall, the crack team of the California Cycling Club, and paced by them to the first turn. From Haywards to San Lorenzo Kelley and Tobin, Bay Citys, will keep him going to the tank corner. Kanzee and Raynaud, B. C. W., will be in waiting there and will see him safely across the railroad track, and then Mendel and Welch, B. C. W., will make the pace back into San Leandro. The short distance in San Leandro will be ridden without pace, owing to the turns.

On the second time down the Haywards road Bacon and Peck, B. C. W., will take him in tow, to be relieved by Haley and Oilman, B. C. W., who will carry him to the last turn, whence to the finish the assistance of three teams will be given him.

The officials for the trial have been named as follows: Referee, Charles Albert Adams; starter, Henry L. Day; judges, C. N. Ravlin, Sanford Plummer, R. A. Smyth, J. C. Hines and H. W. Spalding; timers, Fred L. Day, George P. Wetmore, James W. Coffroth and Edwin E. Stoddard.

The twenty-mile coast record that Kraft is particularly after is now held by E. A. Bozio of the Imperial Cycling Club at 50 min. 16 sec, and is hardly a month old. The best time by any Eastern amateur rider is 48:58, made by L. N. Walleston of Newburyport, Mass., October 4, 1895, over a standard course. 46:01 was made by A. B. McDonnell of Buffalo, N. Y., May 26. 1896, but this was over a straightaway course.

Captain Henry L. Day has called a run of the Bay City Wheelmen for to-morrow to witness Kraft's record trial. The members will take the 8 A. M. broad-gauge boat. The much-looked-for run of the San Francisco Road Club to San Quentin has been called by Captain Lewis for to-morrow. The run will leave the clubhouse, 503 Golden Gate avenue, at 9 A. M., taking the 9:30 boat to Tiburon. The club has been favored with permission to inspect the penitentiary. This is one of the most interesting runs hereabouts and a large crowd is expected. Friends of members and unattached wheelmen are invited.

The Acme Club Wheelmen of Oakland will have a five-mile road race to-morrow morning from San Leandro to Haywards. Captain Shedd says that his men are all well trained and be expects some fast time to be made. There will be a large entry-list.

The Chance Acquaintance Club and another called Our Own Bicycle and Social Combination will have a joint run to-morrow to San Mateo, first visiting the Spring Valley lakes via Uncle Tom's Cabin. A large party is expected, as this is one of the prettiest trips in San Mateo County.

C. P. McLeod, who has been prominent in cycling affairs in Solano County, is now located here permanently, being one of the staff of Western Sports. George E. Dixon, the "Senator," is also connected with the same paper, which will issue its first number next Thursday.

The Mechanics' Institute has named Friday evening, August 20, as wheelmen's night at the fair, under the auspices of the association, and a special programme is now being arranged to fit the occasion. The association's booth at the fair will probably be in charge of Victor A. Hancock. Charles Albert Adams is making the arrangements.

Before President Swain left for the north he mailed a letter, to the various clubs hereabouts requesting them to send to Mr. Adams any cups, banners or the like, to help decorate the booth. On Friday evening, August 20, any wheelman showing a C. A. C. C. membership card will be admitted to the [Mechanics' Fair] free.

WILLI AREND, One-Mile Champion of the World.

At the fifth annual meet of the International Cyclists' Association at Glasgow on Friday, July 30, Willie Arend of Germany won the professional championship of the world against all the cracks of the Continent. Barden of England was second and Nossam of France third. Such fliers as Bourrillon and Morin, the Frenchmen, were unplaced. England got two championships, Germany one and Denmark one.

George P. Wetmore, T. Alfred Griffiths and Will H. Toepke, of the Bay City Wheelmen, have returned from a three weeks' vacation trip in Sonoma County.

R. C. Lennie, the popular tire exponent and captain of the Never-perspire Cyclers, left Wednesday night for the south on a business trip.

David McT. Marshall, the well-known ex-racing man of the Bay City Wheelmen, was married last Thursday at high noon to Miss Ethyl P. Moore, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. Dr. Gibson. They are now away on their honeymoon.

The Golden Gate Cycling Club will have a five-mile road race on Sunday, September 5, from San Leandro to Haywards.

The Never Sweat Cycling Club will take a four days' trip through Lake County, starting Friday, September 3, and following the same route traversed by them with such joy about a month ago. The club is composed of members of the Cycle Board of Trade, and those who will probably compose the party will be President J. S. Conwell, Secretary James M. Hamilton, R. C. Lennie, Edwin Mohrig, W. J. Kenney and Joseph A. Ostendorf.

Thirty members of the Imperial Cycling Club will enjoy a yacht ride around the bay to-morrow on the Ethel S. On Saturday evening, September 4, the club will hold its first high jinks.

To-morrow Captain Hadenfeldt will lead the members of the Olympic Club wheelmen on a blind run. The distance will be short, and a fine dinner will be served at the end of the run. On the following Sunday there will be a five-mile handicap road-race. For Saturday and Sunday, August 23 and 29, a trip to Stockton by boat and a cycle ride to Lodi, are being planned.

R. W. Brown, the one-legged cyclist, sends in the following communication:

To the Editor of the Call: On the 12th of June last I rode a race with Schell, the two-legged Chutes coaster, around the bay, starting from The Call office on Market street, riding to San Jose, thence to Oakland ferry, and from the wharf back to the Chutes. I was given one hour start and came in first. Now Mr. Schell is trying to make me out no rider at all, and says through sympathy he let me win. The ride was made by me under very difficult circumstances, as I had just a week before received a very bad hurt on my right hip, and was suffering severe pain.
Now, I wish to say to the public, and especially to Mr. Schell, that I stand ready to ride him 100 miles on the Velodrome track, or around the bay, under the same conditions, one hour to be given me, for any amount he may name. Let Mr. Schell either cut bait or fish, or in other words, take back what he says or put up. I mean business.
R. W. Brown,
25 Geary street, San Francisco.

H. J. Snow and Jules Noel of St. Paul, Minn., have just arrived here, accompanied by A. A. Charles of this City. Snow and Noel were members of the team sent by St. Paul to the annual turn fest at St. Louis last May. After it was over they started South on their wheels, riding through Indian Territory and Texas, touching Dallas, Fort Worth and El Paso. They crossed the desert to Yuma. Arriving in Los Angeles, Mr. Noel remained there for nearly a month, while Mr. Snow and Mr. Charles, whom they met there, went down the coast to the Mexican border line and back. All three then started for this City, following the coast route. They will remain here about a month and then start for home, going north to Oregon and thence East.

Snow and Noel have traversed over 3000 miles since they started on their wheels, averaging from forty to fifty miles a day. Until they reached Southern California the roads were so rough they used the railroad bed most of the time.

President T. J. Winslow of the Imperial Cycling Club has not yet received any acceptance of his challenge, as published in The Call last Sunday, to race the president of any other club in this City five miles on the road, President Charles Albert Adams of the Olympic Club Wheelmen preferred. Since Mr. Adams was forced to lower his colors to the superior pedaling proclivities of Frank Fuller a month or two ago, he has not done any active training, but would like to offer E. F. Russ or J. E. Wing as a substitute, if Mr. Winslow does not mind. If this is satisfactory, the match can undoubtedly be arranged for an early date. Otherwise President Wynne of the Californias will undoubtedly take on the doughty flier of the Imperials.