The Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 11 Nov 1889

From Wooljersey

The Wheelmen.

Another long-distance bicycle race is on the cards, Knapp, who is still here, will enter.

R. M. Welch of the Bay City Wheelmen broke his right arm at the elbow last week by falling from his bicycle at the corner of Twenty-third street and Potrero avenue.

Chief Consul Thompson, with W. D. Sheldon, W. M. Meeker and S. H. Knapp Jr., left Saturday night on the theater train for Menlo Park, from which they wheeled to Saratoga by moonlight, riding to Santa Cruz yesterday via Bowlder Creek and Felton.

Among those who will race at Napa are Doane, Plummer, Richardson, Marshall, Siebe, Hodgkins, Langton and Rowell of the Bay City Wheelmen; Hickinbothan and Southworth of the Oak Leaf Wheelmen; Colonel Desimone, J. and H. Smith and Lipsett of the Garden City Wheelmen; Hass, Townsend and Lakeman of the University Wheelmen.

The Race Committee of the Napa Vineyard Valley Wheelmen - William Parker, R. A. Simons, Curt Buford and George Thompson - who are visiting the Bay City Wheelmen of San Francisco, were royally entertained at Camp Taylor yesterday by the latter club. The wheelmen rode to Camp Taylor from Ross valley, returning in time to take the last train to San Francisco, and arriving in this city delighted with the day's experience.

A. J. Sheen of the Cardiff United Cycle Club, England, made an attempt on October 19th at the Sophia Gardens' track to reduce the standing quarter-mile record for safety bicycles, and exceeded in lowering it by 2 2-5s. Mr. Gee fired the pistol, and the time was taken by Pembroke Coleman, official timekeeper to the National Cyclists' Union. Sheen later on came out and had a try for the flying quarter, and lowered that by 1 3-5s., doing the good time of 32 1/2s.

A. Du Kros recently won the one-mile cycle championship of Ireland in 3m. 2 2-5s. The best time is 2m. 50s., held by P. Kilkelly. The twenty-five-mile championship of Ireland was also won by A. Du Kross in 1h. 27m. 22s., the standard time being 1h. 20m., held by S. M. Adam.

W. W. Taxis, the crack racing man, who had such phenomenal luck on the path this season, has competed in fifty-five races and won thirty-seven first, nine second and four third prizes. He rides under the colors of the Schuylkill Navy Athletic Club, not being a member of any bicycle club.

The Bay City Wheelmen have suspended the men who participated in the Omaha tournament, but the chairman of the National Racing Board of American Wheelmen decides that the men violated no rules, as the race was entirely between amateurs.

R. A. Smythe will go to Chicago to attend a meeting of the National Racing Board.