Oakland Wheelmen

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See also Oakland Ramblers, Oakland Bicycle Club, Alameda County Wheelmen


Oakland, CA

Emblem and Uniform

"The Club uniform is dark blue, with navy cap."



On last Thursday evening a meeting of the Oakland Bicycle Club was largely attended. The old constitution and by-laws of the Club were abolished, and a few simple rules adopted instead. The officers now form an Executive Committee who manage the affairs of the organization. The following new officers were elected: President, Charles G. Yale; Secretary, R. H. Magill, Jr.; Captain, Wm. H. Bowman; First Lieutenant, Arthur Kelley; Second Lieutenant, J. B. Stanford. The name of the club was changed to that of the "Oakland Wheelmen," thus recognizing the tricycle men, of whom there are several in the club. There are a number of new riders in this city, many of whom will join the club now that it has been reorganized and shows signs of activity. It is already as large as any club in the State in point of numbers, and has by far the best opportunity for road riding.

THE WHEELMEN. - Oakland Tribune, 22 Jun 1885


The Oakland Club, now known as the "Oakland Wheelmen," was the second organized in the State. Mr. George H. Strong, one of the pioneer riders, was its Captain for several successive years, and did a great deal toward building it up. In its early stages the members were fond of tests of speed and skill, but it is now a conservative sort of organization, composed largely of staid married men, who use the wheel for exercise and recreation, never participating in tournaments or parades. During the season the club has frequent "runs," when all turn out together and go down to San Leandro, Haywards or thereabouts. Every Sunday at 10 A. M., members who wish to go down the road meet at the corner of Oak and Eighth streets. Stragglers and laggards fall in at Joe Deaves', on the San Leandro road. Once a year the club has a run, to which all other clubs are invited, and an al fresco lunch is served somewhere in the country. Once a year they have a dinner, which is enlivened by witty papers and speeches contributed by the members. There are some sixty-eight miles of macadamized streets in Oakland, which are generally level, and, as the boys say, not "up hill both ways, as on this side of the bay." They have little chance to "coast," the Cemetery avenue, [Piedmont avenue] Clairmont avenue and Alcatraz avenue, out of town, being the only places where "legs over" can be indulged in. There are more tricycles among the Oakland Wheelmen than elsewhere in the State, there being six of its members who ride "trikes." Mr. Bowman, the Captain, is a long-distance rider, and has several records of over 200 miles for twenty-four hour road rides.


A peculiarity of this Club is that it has no constitution or by-laws to wrangle over. Moreover, it has no "dues," as there are no expenses. Whenever there is a "run" or picnic the members "chip in " whatever they like and pay the bill. The plan works most successfully. The Club uniform is dark blue, with navy cap. The Oakland Wheelmen are officered as follows: President, Charles G. Yale; Captain, W. J. Bowman; First Lieutenant, L. A. Kelly, Jr. ; Second Lieutenant, J. W. Stanford; Treasurer and Secretary, R. H. Magill, Jr. The remaining members are: Geo. H. Strong, Wm. H. Lowden, B. Callingham, C. L. Goddard, C. L. Leonard, J. H. McConnell, W. C. Gibbs, Chas. Burkhalter, Edmund O'Neill, John Rabe, Mark Requa, De Lancy Stone, W. H. Taylor, G. D. Abbott, Emile Collins, H. O. Tenney, J. R. Mauran, R. R. Fread, F. H. Bertean, W. W. Haralson, J. H. Hopkins, A. Cary, Sumner Dubois, E. W. Thompson, L. J. Field, Lewis Sears, A. H. Rachling, Charles Krytser, J. D. Arkinson, E. R. Hinkley and J. Langotroth. The Oakland Ramblers is an offshoot from the Wheelmen, started this last Summer, and is chiefly composed of younger members, who thought their seniors too old-fogyish and branched out to do more riding and racing. They have a blue knit uniform, with gray shirts.

ON THE WHEEL. - Daily Alta California, 29 November 1885

There is a movement on foot among some of the old riders to reorganize the old Oakland Wheelmen.

ALL AROUND NOTES. - Oakland Tribune, 04 Apr 1887