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Robert Campbell Lennie 15 September 1864 – 7 November 1906





Touring to the meet has proved very attractive to many. Three riders, Robert and C. Lennie, and H. S. Curpee, toured from Freeport here in two days, arriving very much sunburned.

The Inter Ocean, Chicago, Illinois • Sat, Sep 19, 1891, Page 3


The Nuptials of Miss Helen Kean and Robert C. Lennie Solemnized at 4 O'clock.

The Ceremony Witnessed by But a Few Relatives and Friends of the Contracting Parties.

At 4 o'clock this afternoon Helen, daughter of Mrs. J. C. Kean, was married to Robert C. Lennie, the ceremony occurring at the home of the bride's mother, on Clay street, the Rev. Frederick W. Keator being the officiating clergyman. But a small number of the bride's relatives and the immediate friends of both parties witnessed the nuptials, the wedding being very quiet.

The bride wore a very becoming going-away gown of brown cloth, trimmed with mink and ornamented with jet passamenterie, with hat and gloves that matched the costume.

A short reception was held immediately following the ceremony, and at 5 o'clock a dainty supper was served to the few guests present, the table being prettily laid and the decorations, though simple, were effective.

Mrs. Lennie, during her long residence here, made a warm place for herself in the affections and esteem of a great number of people who are proud to call her their friend and associate. She is a young lady gifted with a bright, happy disposition and versatile social talents that those with whom she was associated were quick to appreciate.

Robert C. Lennie is one of the best known men that has ever lived in Freeport. For several years he was a conductor on the Illinois Central road, but now represents a large bicycle house, traveling in a private car all over the country exhibiting tires. He is a pleasant, agreeable, social companion, a thoroughly good fellow and an enterprising and successful business man. All of his many friends will join those of his bride in wishing them a long, merry and prosperous life.

Mr. and Mrs. Lennie will leave for Chicago at 7 o'clock this evening and from there they will go to New Orleans and then for a long trip through New Mexico, Arizona and California.

The Daily Democrat, Freeport, Illinois · Wednesday, February 12, 1896

When R. C. Lennie and his friends adopted the emblems of a skull and crossbones little did they think that down in Mayfield was a club flying the black flag under the title of the Mayfield Pirate Wheelmen. E. Dornberger, Secretary of the club, claims for it the sole right to use the emblem.

CYCLING NEWS TO DATE. - Club Runs and Private Excursions to Different Points Outside the City. - The San Francisco Examiner, 27 Jul 1895

The four days' tour through Lake county, taken by members of the Cycle Board of Trade, under the leadership of President J. S. Conwell, proved one of the most interesting cycling trips of the season. The party took the train to Ukiah and worked their way to the Southward by easy stages. The principal point through which their journey led them after leaving Ukiah were: Laurel Dell on Blue Lakes, Lakeport, Lower Lake, Middletown; thence over Mount St. Helena to Calistoga, the wheel trip finally ending at St. Helena. Incidents of the trip were a twentyfive-mile ride in a launch on one of the lakes and several side trips in four-in-hand coaches. The wits of the party - R. C. Lennie and W. J. Kennedy - kept everyone in high spirits. It was determined to make the outing an annual one for men in the trade, that for next year being already planned on a larger scale. The party included J. S. Conwell, Edwin Mohrig, R. C. Lennie, Joseph Ostendorf, W. J. Kenney and C. Christianson. The route taken was pronounced an ideal one for a short tour.

Olympic Wheelmen Name Officers. - The San Francisco Examiner, 28 Jul 1897

There is something wrong with the Cycle Board of Trade. Twice within the last fortnight it has been unable to hold a meeting, owing to the absence of a quorum, and this with a membership of over 75. A good, firm hand at the helm to guide things right and awaken interest in the members; should be looked for at the next election. "Bob" Lennie would be the man.

A QUIET WEEK IN CYCLING - The San Francisco Call - November 13, 1897

R. C. Lennie and E. Ross Lozier have returned from a business trip through Southern California.

"SMOKER" OF THE BAY CITY CLUB TO-NIGHT - The San Francisco Call - October 15, 1898

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