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Robert Hastings Diefenbacher 4 March 1884 – 18 July 1947


Garden City Wheelmen


[Robert is second from left, most, middle row. - MF]

Coach with Cycling Team - History San Jose Photographic Collection

First row from left to right: L. Maggini, A. Owen and W. Waibel. Second row: Emile Agraz, Carl Marty, Captain Dermoody, M. Grey and W. Dieffenbacher. Third row: J. Buick, P. Maggini and J. Berryessa. Photo by Hill.

CYCLISTS WILL GATHER AT HAYWARDS FOR BIG RACE - San Jose Mercury-news, 26 April 1903

Top row, reading from left to right - Murphy, C. Limberg, H. Lowe, Agraz. Middle row - Berryessa, Deiffenbacher, Captain Dermoody, Waibel, P. Maggini. Bottom row - Peterson and Grey.
-Photo by Hill.


There were very few accidents during the day, none of them of a serious nature. The worst accident to befall a local rider happened to Dieffenbacher on the ninth relay. In crossing the bridges which lay on his course he punctured his tires in ten places with the slivers. He had to cast his wheel aside and mounted upon the bicycle of Harden, his trailer, and finished his relay.


Because of change of pace among the New Centuries, Oaklands and Bay Citys and the unfair riding of the California Cyclers these four clubs became bunched and gained a little on P. Maggini, but made fine time through the city. Peterson took the packet at the beginning of the seventh and he gained on his opponents by nearly half a minute. The great ride against heavy odds was made by Chaboya on the eighth. He broke the record over this relay by over two minutes and that on a punctured tire. His time for his course was 26:30. He placed the packet in the hands of Dieffenbacher nearly five minutes ahead of his pursuers. While crossing the bridges on his relay Dieffenbacher punctured his tires in many places and had to change wheels with Harden, his trailer, and lost considerable time. He gave Waibel a goood lead and the clever rider on the final relay sprinted down the course at a 26:18 clip, which is the record over this course.


Ninth relay - Dieffenbacher (G. C. W.), 1:21:25; Wilkes (N. C. W.) and Lucio (O. W.) tied at 1:24:22.

LOCAL WHEELMEN ARE CHAMPIONS - San Jose Mercury-news, 9 May 1904

Top row, reading from left to right — Chaboya, P. Maggini, Burnett, Beuck, J. Berryessa. Bottom row — W. Waibel, Murphy, L. Maggini, Peterson, Dieffenbacher.
Photo by Hill.
[I believe they've got P. Maggini and L. Maggini backwards. - MF]

From now on race meets will be held nearly every Sunday during the summer. Next Sunday there will be a big meet at Stockton. The chief event of this meet will be a team race for points. Each team will be composed of five men. The five riders who will represent the Garden City wheelmen in this event will be Waibel, Gray, Berryessa, Dieffenbacher and P. Maggini. The race will be for a $125 trophy. There will be several other events in which the Garden City riders will participate. On Saturday evening the annual meeting of the California Associated Cyclers will be held at Stockton. Officers will be elected and a schedule of races for the season will be arranged. H. H. Varney is a candidate tor reelection for the presidency and C. L. McEnerney is a candidate for re-election as secretary.



R. H. Deifenbacher and Carl L. Showalter, both of whom are members of the Garden City cyclers, were in town yesterday on a pleasure trip, having ridden down the valley on their wheels. The two young men are friends of Bert Martin of this city, who was at one time a member of the Garden City wheelmen. Messrs. Showalter and Diefenbacher rode at San Jose some time ago in the team that defeated the Capital City wheelmen in a fifty mile relay race. They are here for the purpose of promoting the interest of wheeling and would like to see a club formed. Mr. Showalter is connected with the San Jose Mercury.

Visalia Times-Delta, 25 Aug 1904

The home boys look forward to easily adding the new cup to their already large collection. The ones who will ride as the home team are "Tessie" Waibel, Merle Gray, John Berryessa, Robert Diefenbacher and P. Maggini. These riders were members of last year's relay teams, and it is expected that they will win in the coming handicap. A ball game will also be one of the day's features at Centerville, after which the entire company will partake of a feast of pie and watermelon at the hotel.

OAKLANDS VS. GARDEN CITYS IN RELAY RACE ON SUNDAY - San Jose Mercury-news, 2 September 1904

Who will ride for the Garden City Wheelmen Sunday in the big relay.

THE annual 100-mile relay race around the bay is but five days off. Judging from the showing made by the Garden City Wheelmen in the past, they will probably carry off the honors Sunday. Captain Dermody has selected the following 10 men to represent the local wheelmen Sunday: J. Berryessa, R. Diefenbacher, S. Maggini, C. Showalter, P. Maggini, B. Murphy, W. Waible, Merle Grey, C. Burnett and W. Chaboya. All these youngsters have had previous experience in road racing. Many are known as being among the fastest amateurs on this coast.

Wheelmen About the Bay Preparing for Big Relay Race Sunday. - San Jose Mercury-news, 10 May

Eighth Heat Won by Frank Kramer. East Orange. N. J.; R. H. Diefenbacher, Salt Lake City, second. Time 1 :13 4-5.

The New York Times, 07 Dec 1912

[The 1910 census has him living in Salt Lake City. - MF]

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