BENSON WINS THE SILVER CUP. - The San Francisco Examiner, 20 Aug 1894

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Result of the Five-Mile Handicap Road Race at San Jose.

Programme of the Garden City Cyclers During the Admission Day Festivities - Meeting of the Board of officers of the North California Division of the L. A. W. - A Message to Ziegler.

SAN Jose, August 19. - The five-mile handicap road race, under the auspices of the San Jose Road Club, came off to-day. The start was made at the corner of Alum Rock and McLaughlin avenues, and the finish was made at a point on McLaughlin avenue about 300 yards from the starting point. It was expected that the Coast record for the distance, 13:57, held by Otto Ziegler, would be broken, as Floyd McFarland and Ted Belloli, the two scratch men, have been in training for some time in preparation for the event.

The conditions were not entirely favorable for record-breaking time, however, and the best time was made by Ted Belloli - 14:02 2-5.

McFarland did not finish, as he realized that the pace was too slow, and dropped out 100 yards from the finish. R. P. Nash also dropped out early in the race.

C. J. Belloli and A. Berryessa received falls, and the former injured his knee, but not seriously.

V. A. Benson, who received a start of 1:30, was first over the tape, winning the prize, a silver cup. His time was 15:12. The cup becomes the personal property of the winner of three successive races.

The crowd that gathered at the starting point at 10 o'clock numbered 200, mostly cycling enthusiasts.


The start was made at the crack of a pistol and the men got away in good shape without a hitch. The route was out Alum Rock avenue to the Story road, thence to King's road, thence to the McKee road and back to McLaughlin avenue. The racers struck a stretch of gravelly road and this was what caused the slow time and is also responsible for the falls of Belloli and Berryessa. The men finished in the following order:

V. A. Benson (1:30). Time, 15:12.
G. Hardenbrook (1:00) second. Time, 15:34.
R. McFarland (1:30) third, Time, 15:31
T. E. Belloli (scratch) fourth. Time, 14:02 2-5.

The racing officials were: Referee, J. F. Hancock, B. C. W.: starter, M. R. Gibson, S. J. R. C.: marshals, Ed Whiting, unattached, and J. R. Scully S. J. R. C: clerk of the course, C. J. Sullivan, S. J. R. C.; scorers, J. T. Bailey and P. G. Welch, S. J. R. C.; umpires, A. M. Hobson, S. J. R. C., and assistants; judges, V. Hancock, B. C. W., J. G. Munson, unattached, C. L. Parker, unattached, F. E. Juth, S. J. R. C., and L. Desimone, S. J. R. C.

BENSON WINS THE SILVER CUP. - The San Francisco Examiner, 20 Aug 1894.png