Charles B. Wheaton

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Charles Birdseye Wheaton 29 August 1868 – 31 March 1938


The members of the San Francisco Bicycle Club on Sunday started for a club picnic at Crystal Springs. The start was made from Mission and Twenty-first streets. The grounds were reached shortly after 12 M., and lunch was at once served. In the afternoon a run was made farther up the canyon, where a couple of hours were pleasantly passed. This is the first club run at which Captain Houseworth assumed command. The following were present: Houseworth, Captain: C. A. McDonald, First Lieutenant; Charles B. Wheaton, Second Lieutenant: O. C. Haslett, B. C. Austin Jr., Beverly Letcher, A. M. Brown, F. A. McLaughlin, Benjamin H. Patrick, H. C. Finkler, William Day, and Messrs. Knapp and Donnelly of the San Mateo County Wheelmen. The return was made at 3:45 P. M.

The Wheel. - San Francisco Chronicle, 31 Aug 1886

Charles Wheaton of Alameda surprised his many friends by making a great record in the one mile handicap at Stockton.

THE BIKERS. - How Local the Cyclers Are Spending Their Time. - Oakland Tribune, 11 Jul 1888

An article in a morning paper last week stated that a series of races would soon be run by Plummer and Wheaton. Neither of these gentlemen authorized any such statement and both are annoyed by the many notices which have lately appeared on the subject and which have had their origin in the fertile imagination of the writer, who evidently is not posted either as to the intentions of the two men or as to their abilities. He says they are evenly matched, and certain distances would be very closely contested by them. This is anything but the case. For one mile or under Wheaton is fast, his record being 2:52, while Plummers is 3:07, and he would undoubtedly have the advantage of Plummer, but for any distance over one mile Plummer would have as great, if not a greater advantage over him. Both men realize this, and while it is possible that they may come together as contestants among others, they have no intentions of making up any match races.

To the Summit of Mount Diablo by Wheel. - Wheel. - San Francisco Chronicle, 08 Apr 1889

Charles P. Fonda, Charles B. Wheaton and Sanford Plummer are among the more recent old-time riders. Wheaton holds a record of 2:52 for the mile on the ordinary bicycle, a most creditable performance. Fonda devoted himself to safety racing and was a good man in his day. Plummer was noted principally in the road races of the Inter-Club Association, but has made some good time on the safety, his best performance being at Stockton, July 4, 1889, when he rode a mile on all solid-tired safety in 2:59 3-5 without any training or preparation whatsoever.

THE CYCLING WORLD - OLD TIME RACING MEN. - San Francisco Chronicle, Sat, Jul 8, 1893

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