BYRNE MAKES A NEW RECORD. - San Francisco Examiner. September 10, 1895

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The American Competition Mark for the Half-Mile Is Placed at 1:01.


Acme Wheelmen and California Cyclers Win Prizes in Parade-Winners of the Race Events.

SAN JOSE, September 9. - The annual race meet of the Garden City Cyclers, which is always looked forward to as the best meet of the year by the wheelmen, was held here to-day and proved to be a greater success than on any previous occasion.

Wheelmen began to arrive on Saturday and there has been a continual stream flowing into the city ever since. The principal events of the meet were held to-day, beginning this morning with the competitive parade of the California Associated Cycling Clubs. The clubs and unattached wheelmen turned out in large numbers and the streets were thronged with spectators who wished to witness the maneuvers of the riders.

The prize for the largest number in line was won by the Acme Club Wheelmen of Oakland, who beat the Olympic Club Wheelmen by one man. For appearance the California Bicycling Club of San Francisco caught the judges' eyes, as they were all uniformly dressed.

At the conclusion of the parade Mayor Paul P. Austin, on behalf of the authorities, offered the wheelmen the freedom of the city, incidentally saying many pleasant things about the pastime and its followers. Henry F. Wynne, President of the Associated Clubs, responded in behalf of the wheelmen.

The racing was the great attraction of the day and proved highly exciting. The best by all odds was the half mile open, Class A. In the final heat Frank M. Byrne of San Francisco lowered the American competition record to one minute and one second, after one of the most desperately fought out races ever seen here.

The men were paced by Smith and Dow, who never faltered during the trial, but carried the riders along at a remarkable pace.

Byrne rode in third position till a quarter of a mile from home, when he took the lead and was never headed. The former record was 1:01 4-5, made at Denver last month by C. C. Collins.

In the final of the mile open race, Class B, a tandem was put in to pace and the riders were taken at a good rate of speed to the beginning of the last lap. Suddenly the tandem was seen to draw away from the men and their rate of speed slowed down so that it was with difficulty they could stay on their wheels.

The spectators saw they were to lose what was intended to be the star race of the meet, and at once manifested their disapproval. This did not hasten the speed of the riders, who did not try to ride fast until the last furlong from home. The referee, A. Col, promptly declared it no race, to the evident satisfaction of the spectators.

Technically the referee may have exceeded his authority in the matter, but that his action was for the best interest of the sport was agreed on all sides. The racing men should bear in mind that it is the public which supports the racing, and they must be considered in the manner of running the races, and must be shown good sport or their patronage will be withdrawn.

In the first trial W. T. Foster won, but he would not start in the final and lodged an appeal from the referee's decision.

In the mile tandem race Dow and Smith rode with excellent judgment and they also lowered a record, doing the distance in 2:11 4-5, the former record standing at 2:26. During the afternoon there was always sufficient wind to hamper the riders, otherwise the time, which was fast, would have been still faster.

In the final of the 2:30 mile handicap Tony Delmas made a runaway win, as the men on the back marks made no effort to overtake him. The cause of this was said to be that the second prize was more desirable in the eyes of the crack racing men than the first.

The attendance was over 6,000, as every part of the grounds was overflowing with spectators. The club's provisions for the press were not at all satisfactory.

The chief officials were: Referee, A. Col; Judges, G. H. Strong, P. A. Alexander and G. F. Neece; Timers, F. A. McFarland, A. C. Thornton, H. F. Wynne, E. N. Radke, J. Kitchen and C. N. Ravlin; Starter, J. A. Chase; Scorer, E. C. Williston; Clerk of the Course, W. R. Lipsett, and Announcer, Wilbur F. Knapp.

To-night the majority of the visitors are attending a performance at one of the theatres, although many of them will return by the late trains, some going to Alviso and taking the boat at midnight for the city. The racing men go to Gilroy in the morning to ride in the races to-morrow afternoon. Summary:

One-mile handicap, class A, heat one - H. B. Freeman, un, 50 yards, won; H. W. Squires, Acme, 30 yards, second. Time, 2:18. Heat two - J. E. Willoughby, P. V. W., 60 yards, won; P. M. Lefevre, Acme, 85 yards, second. Time, 2:14 2-5. Heat three - N. Ackerman, P. W., 30 yards, won; F. H. Seward, G. C. C., 85 yards, second. Time, 2:30 1-5. Heat four - J. H. Dieckman Jr., R. A. C., 30 yards, won; A. L. Holling, B. C. W., 60 yards, second. Time, 2:20. Heat five - H. Downing, G. C. C., 85 yards, won; J. Wing, S. J. R. C., 125 yards, second. Time, 2:12. Heat six - C. D. Gooch, Y. M. C. A., 120 yards, won; T. Belloli, S. J. R. C., 65 yards, second. Time. 2:17. Final heat - J. Wing, S. J. R. C., 125 yards, won; N. Ackerman, P. W., 30 yards, second. Time, 2:14 4-5.

One-mile, scratch, class B, heat one - R. L. Long, B. C. W., won; A. N. Jones, O. C. W., second. Time, 2:29. Heat two - W. F. Foster, O. C. W., won; R. Cushing, G. C. C., second. Time, 2:29 4-5. Final heat - A. N. Jones, O. C. W., won; R. L. Long, B. C. W., second; R. Cushing, G. C. C., third. Time, 2:20 4-5.

One-mile tandem, class A - R. E. Dow and C. M. Smith, G. C. C., won; V. A. Benson and G. R. Hardenbrook, S. J. R. C., second; Reid and Birdsall, C. C. C., third. Time, 2:11 4-5.

Half-mile scratch, Class A - Heat one - H. W. Squires, Acme, won; A. G. Haynes, P. W., second; time, 1:11. Heat two - J. E. Willoughby, P. V. W., won; H. Downing, G. C. C., second; time, 1:19 2-5. Heat three - F. M. Byrne, I. C. C., won; J. S. Gosby, G. C. C., second; time, 1:09 1-5. Heat four - J. E. Edwards, O. C. W., won; W. Ackerman, P. W., second; time, 1:17 1-5. Heat five - J. F. Ives, R. A. C., won; P. R. Mott, R. A. C., second; time, 1:15 3-5. Heat six - H. C. Barley, I. C. C., won; T. T. Kell, second; time, 1:21 2-5. Heat seven - J. H. Dieckmann Jr., R. A. C., won; H. Hutchinson, Acme, second; time, 1:17. Final heat - F. M. Byrne, I. C. C., won; H. W. Squires, Acme, second; J. H. Dieckmann Jr., third; time, 1:01 (American competition record).

Two-thirds mile, handicap, Class B - Heat one - A. N. Jones, O. C. W., 30 yards, won; R. L. Long, B. C. W., 25 yards, second; W. F. Foster, O. C. W., scratch, third; time, 1:28 1-5. Heat two - Tony Delmas, G. C. C., 65 yards, won; G. A. Nissen, Acme, 35 yards, second; W. J. Edwards, G. C. C., scratch, third; time, 1:42 4-5. Final heat - T. Delmas, G. C. C., 65 yards, won; W. F. Foster, O. C. W., scratch, second; R. L. Long, B. C. W., third; time, 1:34.