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Edwin W. Adams - 1874 - 6 FEB 1925


The present officers of the club are: President, Dr. Thomas L. Hill; Vice-President, C. C. Moore; Secretary, R. M. Thompson; Treasurer, H. C. Cummins; Captain, W. M. Meeker; First Lieutenant, E. W. Adams; Second Lieutenant, F. E. Browning; Standard-Bearer, F. W. Pierson; Buglers, L. W. Cole, M. Garratt.

At their last meeting the Bay City Wheelmen presented E. W. Adams with a very handsome gold medal set with diamonds in recognition of his ability as a trick rider and of services rendered the club as such.

To the Summit of Mount Diablo by Wheel. - Wheel. - San Francisco Chronicle, 08 Apr 1889

The entertainment will consist of a drill by the Bay City Drill Corps, composed of sixteen picked riders selected by Drillmaster Richardson, exhibitions of fancy riding by E. W. Adams and J. E. Hickinbotham, a game of polo on Stars, and a demon drill by the Oak Leaf Drill Corps, to be followed by dancing. The programme is varied enough to suit all tastes.


E. W. Adams returned last week from Washington Territory, where he enjoyed a number of bicycle trips in company with the Tacoma Wheelmen. He reports 'cycling in the great Northwest as booming.

The Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 27 May 1889

The races were called at 2 o'clock this afternoon at the baseball park, a large crowd of people being present. The officers of the day were: Referee - R. M. Welch; judges - George H. Strong, C. C. Moore, T. E. Richardson; timers - E. Mohrig, W. H. McKee, Ed. Adams; umpires - F. W. Leadbetter, B. W. Moore; clerks - F. W. Pierson, E. Bartholomew; scorers - Dan Weaver, C. L. Angel; starter - F. E. Richardson.

FAST WHIRRING WHEELS. - The San Francisco Examiner, 05 Jul 1889

A tournament drill and ball are being enjoyed to-night at the pavilion by an immense crowd. The programme includes a fancy bicycle drill by the Bay City Wheelmen, drill by the Oak Leafs, trick riding by Ed Adams, promenade concert and dance. The meet has been a great success and pleased everybody.

The Bicycle Races at Stockton. - San Francisco Chronicle, 05 Jul 1889

Adams Edwin W. (Strong & Adams) r 1853-1/2 Stevenson

San Francisco (San Francisco County, Calif.) City Directory. (1890). United States: R.L.Polk.

STRONG & ADAMS (George H. Strong and E. W. Adams) agents Victor bicycles and bicycle sundries, 220 Market

San Francisco (San Francisco County, Calif.) City Directory. (1890). United States: R.L.Polk.

Several parties are being formed to wheel to the Yosemite this year, one consisting of W. M. Meeker, Walter D. Sheldon, S. H. Knapp Jr. and R. M. Thompson, who expect to go in May. Ed Landis, C. N. Langton and H. A. Spalding will go the latter part of June. F. W. Ray, J. G. Cox, E. W. Adams and others will go to Lake Tahoe. Sanford Plummer, George P. Wetmore, Thomas H. Doane and C. W. Hammer will probably do the Yosemite some time during the season.

The Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 31 Mar 1890

At the large and well-equipped establishment of Thomas H. B. Varney, at 36 1/2, 42, 44 and 44 1/2 Fremont street, the reporter was courteously received by E. W. Adams, the gentlemanly manager of the bicycle department...

CYCLES AND CYCLERS. - A Sport Which is Fast Becoming Popular on This Coast. - The San Francisco Examiner, 03 Aug 1890

The handicapping was done by Edwin W. Adams and gave general satisfaction, A large crowd of wheelmen and many people interested in the event, gathered at San Leandro to see the finish, which was quite exciting.


The following were the officials of the race: Referee, Edwin W. Adams; starter, W. D. Howe; clerk, Mr. Eisert; timers, W. Wilson, W. L. Elliott, F. J. Williams, Mr. Millett and Alex S. Ireland; chief umpire, F. Tommereg; scorers - J. G. North. P. H. Douglass, T. Egan, Martin Berendt and M. Macdonald; judges - E. C. Douglass, J. F. Burns and J. S. Conwell.

It may be noted as a peculiar feature, and an evidence that the handicapper was well acquainted with the abilities of the men, that the three limit men finished within one second of each other.

IMPERIAL ROAD RACE. - FRANK BYRNE THE WINNER. - The San Francisco Call, 04 Feb 1895

There will be an entertainment and evening at home at the parlors of the Imperial Cycling Club Thursday evening, June 13, for members only. A committee is also arranging for an entertainment at a local hall in the near future, J. J. McDonald has resigned from the directorate of the Imperials and E. W. Adams has been elected to the vacancy. The club will run some handicap races at the Central Park track to-morrow morning to bring out new racing talent. The events will be a half-mile scratch, half-mile handicap and one-mile handicap. F. M. Byrne of the Imperials won the half-mile scratch race at the Portland meet Wednesday and W. C. Howe of the same club came second in the one-mile scratch.

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 08 Jun 1895

Edwin W. Adams, prominent in cycle affairs of Sacramento, is in the city on a visit.

COMING EVENTS OF THE LOCAL WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 06 Aug 1898

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