Charles Fuller Gates

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Charles Fuller Gates 1866 - 1939

An excellent biography: A Donation of a Scrapbook by “Bicycle Missionary” Charles Fuller Gates, Los Angeles, 1910s

The Southern California racing circuit has turned out a grand fizzle, owing to the mismanagement of Charles Fuller Gates, and the class B racers who went down from here have returned. Walter Foster of the Olympics, Allan Jones of the Garden Citys and Burke and Castleman of Los Angeles have entered in the Bay City Wheelmen's races. The latter two intended to ride at Los Angeles on May 30, but say the track is dangerous, so they are coming here.

The Wheelmen - The San Francisco Call, 25 May 1895

In the protest of A. W. Cleaver from the decision of Referee C. F. Gates at San Bernardino May 22 last, the National Racing Board sustains the referee, saying: "The rules provide that the decision of a referee shall be final in all cases when such decision does not conflict with the racing rules. There was no conflict in the decision rendered, and the referee was in a better position to decide the question of a foul than the racing board could now be."

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 22 Jun 1895

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