THE WHEELMEN. - San Francisco Call - September 05, 1896

From Wooljersey


An Election Surprise of the Bay City Wheelmen - Club Events To-Morrow.

The two big race meets on Admission day at Stockton and San Jose have to a certain extent awakened an interest in cycle racing that seemed to be dying among the club men, probably for want of encouragement. And after these meets and the one at Eureka on the 23d it seems improbable that there will be any track racing hereabouts for some time to come. In this event road racing will thrive - that branch of the sport which the league frowns upon and which is the very life of the California Associated Cycling Clubs and the Century Road Club of America. And meanwhile the vast army of the unattached, without any head or organization, and each going his own sweet way, will tour and tour through the country, enjoying the pastime the most of all, but still lacking that pleasure of standing up to be counted when the rollcall of the League of American Wheelmen summons all its members to fight some unjust rule or legislation, like the recent proposed charge upon wheels as baggage.

E. W. DECKER, the Crack Wheelman of the Acme Club.

The Liberty Cycling Club will hold its road race, postponed from last Sunday, to-morrow over the San Leandro-Haywards course at 2 P. M. Captain White will lead a run of those who are not entered in the race, taking the 11 A. M. boat. George Morrill, the well-known cycle dealer, has taken out a license in Oakland to marry Miss Ruth Holmes, and his many friends are sending in their congratulations.

There will be a meeting of the board of officers of the North California division of the League of American Wheelmen to-night at the rooms of the Bay City Wheelmen, 441 Golden Gate avenue, at 8 o'clock, and considerable important business is to be transacted.

The nominating committee of the Bay City Wheelmen has named the following directors for the ensuing year: Frank H. Kerrigan, George P. Wetmore, Walter D. Sheldon, Frank H. Watters, Harry Larkin, A. J. Menne, George Dyer, Howard P. Taylor Jr., John G. North, George Lyman Hall and Archie Reid. The road officers will be: Henry L. Day, captain; Arthur Kellom, first lieutenant; J. M. Pike, second lieutenant. This announcement has created a big stir in the club-house. The selection of the road officers is very popular, though somewhat of a surprise. But of the directors only six of the old board are returned, being the first six named, while those who were replaced were Sanford Plummer, Byron D. Bent, W. H. Toepke, Charles A. Elliott and H. P. Howard. True, Mr. Howard had resigned and Mr. Elliot had married, and Mr. Toepke expressly declined re-election, but the gossips are wondering why "Sandy" Plummer, who was once captain, was "turned down" by the nominating committee, and why "Professor" Bent, one of the most popular members, was not returned to the directorate. Again, they say these men have been replaced by others not so experienced in the club's affairs, and fears are even expressed that the big club's present prosperity may not continue in their hands. Truly, there are a lot of "kickers" in the home of the Maltese cross just now, and the end is not yet. An opposition ticket is so loudly spoken of as to be almost a certainty. It will have to be put up before the 8th inst. Meanwhile, the volcano is only slumbering.

The race meet to be held at Eureka on September 23 under the auspices of the Eureka Agricultural and Mechanical Fair Association will attract some of the local professional riders, and the probabilities are the Terrill brothers, "Bob" Long, Allan Jones and some of the other cracks will compete there. Entries should be addressed to L. L. Ayers, secretary race meet committee, at Eureka. The events and prizes are as follows:

Half-mile scratch, amateur - Winchester rifle, $15; pair shoes, $5.
One mile, professional - $50, $20 and $10.
One mile, handicap, amateur - Diamond stud, $20; bicycle suit, $12.
One mile, scratch, professional - $40, $15.
Two miles, handicap, amateur - Overcoat, $24; silk hat, $9.
Two miles, handicap, professional - $50, $20 and $10.

Richard E. Revalk has succeeded A. P. Swain as captain of the Acme Club Wheelmen. His riding days date back to the time of the old high wheels, and as he is thoroughly in touch with the sport he should make a good road officer.

William Alexander, G. A. Ritchie and Dr. J. F. Twist have been elected members of the Bay City Wheelmen. The club will have a run to-morrow to Centerville, taking the 9 o'clock broad-gauge boat. The latest bulletin of the racing board is as follows:

BULLETIN No. 23. September 4, 1896. Sanctions granted - Sept. 7, Electric City Bicycle Club, Great Falls, Mont.; Sept. 7, Council of Labor, Los Angeles, Cal.; Sept. 9, Clan Fraser, No. 78, O. S., C., Oakland, Cal.; Sept. 23, Humboldt County Mechanical and Agricultural Fair Association, Eureka, Cal,
Pacific Coast records accepted - Flying start unpaced, amateur:. Two miles, J. S. Brereton, San Francisco, August 22, 1896, 5:05 1-5. Three miles, J. S. Brereton, San Francisco, August 22, 1896, 7:47 1-5.
Four miles. J. S. Brereton, San Francisco, August 22, 1896, 10:29 2-5.
Five miles. J. S. Brereton, San Francisco, August 22, 1896, 13:09 1-5.
Transferred to professional class - Charles D. Smith Jr. and Charles M. Evans, Salt Lake, Utah; Leonard Cesson and Stanley Oder, Fresno, Cal., under clause B; Ed E. Chapman, Napa City, Cal., under clause C; Carl Abendroth, J. E. Wolff and August Gastendeick, Portland, Or., by vote of racing board.
Suspended - For competing in an unsanctioned event, Charles D. Smith Jr. and Charles M. Evans, Salt Lake City, Utah. until November 1, 1896. For competing at unsanctioned meetings at Santa Monica, Cal., August 23 and 30, while under suspension - William Aldridge, Arthur Griffin, W. W. Hatton, F. W. Holbrook, W. J. Hutton, Charles Miller, J. L. Standefer, W. A. Taylor, Emil Ulbricht, Clyde Washburn, Los Angeles, Cal., permanently.
Suspensions terminated-Samuel Thompson and Robin Fletcher, Pendleton, Or. R. M. WELCH, Member National Racing Board for Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Nevada.

It will be noted that the riders who competed at Santa Monica on Sundays, August 23 and 30, have been permanently suspended. This practically ends their racing careers and takes a number of good men from the track. C. D. Bates of the Reliance Club was down there last Sunday and attended the meet. He says the attendance was very slim, there not being enough people in the stands to pay expenses. Under such circumstances it seems this Sunday racing experiment will have to be abandoned, and then where will these riders be? Permanently suspended by the racing board, they can never compete at any meet held under L. A. W. sanction, and that means they are barred from every meet of importance that will ever be held on the coast. By flying in the face of the L. A. W. they have, metaphorically speaking, killed the goose that laid the golden egg, for some of these men were making a living off the racing game, and that means of livelihood is now shut off. Sunday cycle-racing may some day obtain in California, but the day is not yet, and these Southern California enthusiasts had better have waited until the league sanctioned such meets.

Mr. Bates speaks of F. W. Holbrook, who competed at these meets, as a remarkable rider, who defeated such men as Hatton, Ulbricht, Taylor, Washburn and others with ease, and on the day he was there won every heat and final in which he started. The pity is such a man should be lost to the sport by his own foolhardiness in transgressing the rules of such a powerful organization as the League of American Wheelmen.

That some of the Eastern circuit followers carry considerable money is evidenced by the story that Walter Sanger, known as "Wooden Shoes" and the "Milwaukee Giant," had his pocket picked of $510 at the Louisville meet last month. The big fellow has been having hard luck. He is riding faster than many of the men who have been beating him, but fate seems determined to prevent him getting to the top. He made two wonderful sprints at Louisville, and should have been the winner in some of the open events, but each time he pulled some rider up with him, who beat him out by inches at the tape.

The reinstatement of L. D. Cabanne to the L. A. W. has caused considerable comment. His life suspension was reduced to a year, which lets him into the league again on September 1. Titus has applied for reinstatement and has been refused.

The professionals who will ride at Stockton on Admission day are: Ed Chapman, N. Ackerman, D. E. Whitman, A. M. Boyden, R. L. Long, F. M. Byrne, G. A. Nissen, Oscar Osen and W. A. Terrill. The entrants for all the different events appeared in THE CALL yesterday.

The Garden City Cyclers of San Jose are making unusual efforts for the entertainment of wheelmen who will attend their meet on Admission day, which the following circular letter will more fully explain:

The Garden City Cyclers take pleasure in extending to the wheelmen of California an earnest and cordial invitation to be present at the festivities attendant with their annual celebration of Admission day, September 9, 1896. Unusual effort is being exerted, in the face of adverse influences, to make this occasion one long to be remembered and we are confident that you will not regret your presence. For the wheelmen of Alameda, Oakland and San Francisco we have secured a special train to leave at midnight on the night of September 9 via the narrow-gauge railroad (S. P. C. R. R.), connecting with ferry for San Francisco at Oakland pier. This, with the regular train for San Francisco over the broad-gauge railroad at 4:30 A. M., will enable them to partake of the pleasures provided for the evening. The programme is as follows:
9 A. M. to 12 M. - Impromptu reception at clubrooms.
1:30 P. M. - Races at G. C. C. track.
8 P. M. - Grand open-air roof-garden party, including entertainment by various popular clubs of San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose, and refreshments, at which visiting wheelmen will be our guests. Yours respectfully,

To-morrow the San Francisco Road Club will tour to Liberty's, in Marin County, led by Captain Pixley, taking the 9 A. M. Sausalito boat.