CYCLING UP TO DATE. - Farewell Banquet Tendered Wilbur J. Edwards at San Jose. - The San Francisco Examiner, 27 Jun 1894

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Farewell Banquet Tendered Wilbur J. Edwards at San Jose


The Coast Champion Has Gone East to Meet the World's Fastest Racers - Racing Men Training for Events.

Wilbur J. Edwards, the Coast champion, was tendered a farewell banquet at the La Molle Hotel, San Jose, Monday night, in honor of his leaving yesterday for the East to compete against the world's fastest riders. It was an impromptu affair, as none of his friends knew he was going East to join the Columbia team until they saw it in Monday's EXAMINER.

The following well-known wheelmon were present: J. B. Lamkin, J. A. Desimone, J. A. Chase, Al Barker, J. B. Carey, W. T. Hobson, John Eicher, R. A. Summers, H. A. Alexander, George W. Pollard, Charles P. Jarman, C. N. Ravlin, Captain R. J. Butler, J. E. Alexander, Al H. Jarman, A. C. Mckinney, all of San Jose; G. A. Badger of Denver; George P. Wetmore, George A. Morrill and George Webb Alexander of San Francisco, and Wilbur J. Edwards, the guest of the evening. A number of pleasing speeches were made and Champion Edwards was much affected by the great tribute paid him.

A delegation of Californians, under command of Lieutenant Burke, had a run to Walnut Creek Sunday.

Most of the Bay City flyers are training on the track at Central Park. Thieson, Wall and Eckborg of the Californias are also training there.

G. A. Nissen of the B. C. W. rode a mile yesterday in 2:23 on the Reliance track at Alameda. He was paced by Wells and Ziegler.

Casey Castleman of Riverside beat both Fox and Billy Burk at Santa Ana last Saturday. The Riverside man got the half mile and mile open, Class B, and the five mile handicap.

C. R. Griffith won the ten-mile road race of the Oakland Cycle Corps last Sunday in 30 minutes flat. The course was from Fruitvale to Haywards and was fifty yards over the required distance, George Neece collided with another contestant, but got fifth place.

Anthony and Collins of the Columbias took in the Walnut Creek run last Sunday.

It is quite probable that the fifty-mile team race between the Bay City Wheelmen, the Acmes and the Garden City Cyclers will come off on July 17th. The excellent five lap track of the B. C. W. at Central Park will be used, and each club will put on a fresh man every five miles. If this race is run, as now seems probable, it will be followed by similar events at Central Park

The Bay City Wheelmen have engaged the river steamer T. C. Walker for the trip to Stockton, and will leave here at 6 P. M. Tuesday. It will also leave Stockton on the return trip later than regular boats. Quite a number of wheelmen will take advantage of the Bay City's enterprise.

Pop Mohrig is on a cycle tour with his two sons, Arthur and Eddie, neither of which is over twelve years of age. The trio left this city Wednesday, and stopped at Centreville the first night. Thursday was spent at San Jose and Friday night they stopped at Livermore, Saturday at Lathrop and Sunday at Stockton. Yesterday they went on to Sacramento. The boys are standing the long tour well, and are mounted on special built wheels, weighing twenty and twenty-one pounds respectively. One wheel was built by E. Eckman evenings after his day's work, and the other was also built in Mohrig's Cyclery.

Tom Varney is taking a vacation.

Louis Bill, the Cleveland manager, is expected back from the East to-day.

Manager Bernays of the Victor House has reached Los Angeles by wheel, and is coming back up the San Joaquin valley.

Smith O'Brien of the Park Athletic Club and Messrs. Theodore F. Laist and W. E. Pinkham of the Bay City Wheelmen have started on a cycling trip to the Yosemite valley, where they expect to meet Count Spagh, Garibaldi Peano, the Milan sculptor, and party, with whom they will sojourn through the State.

Archie Reid left for Stockton Monday night and will train there until the 4th of July.

The Olympic Club Wheelmen decided at its meeting last night to hold its next annual road race on August 5th over the San Leandro course. The Olympics have engaged fifty rooms on the upper deck of the steamer Dauntless for the trip to Stockton, and the Garden City cyclers will go with them. The start will be at 5:30 P. M. July 3d, and on the return the start will be at 6 P. M., so that the Olympics and their friends can get back at 5 A. M. on the 5th.

W. J. Poole and T. Atchinson of the Olympic Club will tour by wheel from Davisville to Red Bluff, leaving the city Saturday morning.