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Jack Robert Sampson 18 December 1866 – 1 April 1950


Joaquin, Jack


Acme Wheelmen

Fourth heat: Starters - F. C. Reynolds, Cal. C. C.; J. R. Sampson, Acme A. C.; J. Gillies, S. F. B. C.; E. Cushing, Un.; J. Henderson. Un.; J. W. Seely, Un.; A. Berryessa, S. J. R. C.

Won by Sampson, time 2:41 2-5; Reynolds second, 2:41 3-5.

The last lap was exciting, as Sampson shot out from third place and passing Reynolds, challenged Gillies for first place. The spurt was of the hottest kind and Gillies fell behind, leaving Reynolds and Sampson to make the final brush. Sampson, who donned the winning number, easily disposed of bis opponent and came home with a smile on his handsome face that would reach from Oakland to San Jose.

Fifth heat: Starters - W. A. Terrill, B. C. W.; H. Gunn, Cal. C. C.; A. L. Hubbard, G. C. C.; E. F. Nissen, A. B. and A. C.; G. E. Owen, unattached.

Won by Terrill, time 2:48 1-5; Gunn second, time 2:48 4-5.

This race was won easily by Terrill, who rode leisurely to the finish.

In the final the following riders started: Otto Zeigler Jr., Simpson, Hutaff, Reynolds, Sampson, Terrill.

In rounding the turn of the first lap Reynolds fell. When the gong sounded the fourth lap the wheels were sent flying over the track at an astonishing pace.

Zeigler then came along as if shot from one of the Monterey's big guns and took the lead, finishing in grand style, with Terrill and Sampson struggling for second place. Time of winner, 3 min.; second, Terrill, time 3 min. 1 sec.

BUZZING WHEELS. - The Alameda Bicycle and Athletic Club Meet. - The San Francisco Call, 31 May 1893

As the scratch men were nearing the finish, after a hot fight for the lead during the entire race, an accident occurred which will probably incapacitate F. M. Byrne, winner of the recent Imperial Club race, for some time to come. He was neck and neck with Jack Sampson, running close to the curbstone, with his antagonist on the outside, and M. F. Rose, his most dangerous rival, just in the rear, when Sampson began to crowd him toward the sidewalk. He tried to pass and at the same time avoid a collision, but space would not permit, and he struck the curb full force.

He was thrown violently upon the concrete walk and received a deep cut over the right eye, a badly wrenched shoulder and bruises which will make him stiff and sore for many days. His wheel was wrecked.

Though Sampson strenuously denies that there was any intention on his part to defeat Byrne by unfair means, it is known that there was a large amount of money wagered on the outcome between Rose and Byrne and both the former and Sampson are known among the cycling fraternity as "wicked" riders.

BYRNE BADLY BRUISED - An Accident During the Acme Road Race. - The San Francisco Call, 11 Feb 1895

It is stated that M. F. Rose and Jack Sampson, of San Lorenzo, will ride a tandem in the races which will be held in Oakland on May day.

Daily Review (Hayward, California) 26 Apr 1895

Rider. Club. Time. Actual
1 Ed Chapman Olympic 12:14:00 29:30
2 Oscar Smith Garden C 12:16:50 30:20
3 J. R. Sampson Acme 12:17:00 29:45
4 S. B. Vincent Bay City 12:17:05 30:05
5 J. C. Willoughby San Jose 12:20:25 30:26
6 Bert Elford Reliance 12:22:00 30:00
7 W. Maack Imperial 12:22:20 30:05
8 C. Ackerman San Fran 12:23:00 30:00
9 A. Theison California 12:25:26 31:55
10 C. S. Shafer Alameda 12:34:30 31:30
Fastest time - 1894, 32:51; 1895, 28:11.

WELLS WON FOR THE BAY CITYS. - For the Second Time This Club Gets the Relay Cup. 100-mile relay race - The San Francisco Call, 13 Apr 1896

Manuel Rose was about the best bike rider in the club. He was noted for riding in the Century Run traveling to San Francisco via San Jose, and also making the old triangle run via San Leandro and Hayward. J. R. Sampson was also a bike rider.

Members of Acme Athletic Club Hold Fourth Reunion - Oakland Tribune, 06 May 1924

Acme Oakland Tribune Sat Apr 21 1934 .jpeg


Pedal pushers got the populace all steamed up over the 100-mile bicycle race around San Francisco Bay, 'way back in the gay nineties? The sport of bicycling was then a real man's game, and two-wheel athletic events were not confined to the six-day race arenas. Wheelmen of the Oakland Acme Athletic Club started contesting with San Francisco teams in 1893, and returned the winner in a number of annual contests. The boys burned up the road, too. The races started at Third and Market Streets San Francisco, and the route lay via San Jose to Twelfth and Broadway, Oakland.

Time for the first year's race was five hours, 48 minutes, 51 and two-fifths seconds. This photograph shows members of the Acme Club team which won the race in 1896. (Top) JOE ROSE; (middle row left to right), WALTER DECKER, THEODORE SCHLEUTER, JIM KENNA, EDDIE SMITH, and JACK SAMPSON (lower row, left to right), GEORGE NISSEN, Team Captain AL SWAIN, M. A. SQUIRES, and JACK HOWARD. The recumbent figure in the foreground is PETE LA FEVRE. This is one of a series of photographie reminiscences of days now gone.


Remember When... - Oakland Tribune, 21 Apr 1934

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