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Thomas Alfred Griffiths 03 Jun 1873 - 07 Feb 1899


Harry and Will Terrill, T. A. Griffiths, Wells, Languetin, Hall, Menne, Ready, Battles and Reid form a team of which the Bay Citys may well be proud.


T. A. Griffiths is a young man, and is just at that age when, if carefully handled, he will develop into a first-class man.

THE SPEEDY CYCLERS. - Coast Records Sure to Be Lowered. - Eastern Cracks Now on the Road. - San Francisco Chronicle, 21 Apr 1894

The local riders are all in fine fettle, and make no secret of their intentions to keep as many trophies at home as possible. C. S. Wells, the two Terrills, T. A. Griffith and Tom Hall of the Bay Citys are in particularly good trim and constitute a formidable contingent. Considerable is expected of Wells. He is no green hand st the business by any means, and is a dangerous competitor in any sort of a race. Next to Zeigler of San Jose he won most of the prizes contested for last year, and is still after medals and glory.


Griffith, the speedy rider, who broke the world's record for his ten miles in the relay, covering the distance in 26:14, promises to make things hum in the mile handicap and two-mile race.

RECORDS IN DANGER. - The Big Wheelmen's Meet To-Day. - San Francisco Chronicle, 28 Apr 1894

The great relay race of last Sunday has been run over again every night the past week at the different clubs, and it is generally admitted that the Bay City Wheelmen won the cup on their merits. Their team was strong from beginning to end, and they could have won by a much larger margin but for the unfortunate fall of T. A. Griffiths at the start of the fourth relay. Last year Griffiths made this relay in 26 min. 44 sec., which was then a world's record for ten miles. Sunday, owing to his injuries, he could do no better than 29 min. 48 sec., a difference of over 3 minutes.


T. A Griffiths, C. S. Wells, Archie Reid, W. A. Terrill, T. S. Hall, Captain T. C. Dodge, H. F. Terrill, F. G. Lacey, A. J. Menne, E. Languetin, Emil Ubrecht.

A very good picture is presented herewith of the winning team, that of the Bay City Wheelmen, the personnel of which is as follows:

T. A. Griffiths, 21 years, 155 pounds; C. S. Wells, 26 years, 190 pounds; Archie Reid, 24 years, 180 pounds; W. A. Terrill, 20 years, 180 pounds; T. S. Hall, 19 years, 146 pounds; H. F. Terrill, 21 years, 180 pounds; F. G. Lacey, 20 years, 130 pounds; A. J. Menne, 19 years, 142 pounds; E. Languetin, 22 years, 130 pounds; E. Ulbricht, 33 years, 160 pounds, Average age, 22 1/2 years; average weight, 159 3-10 pounds.

THE WHEELMEN. - All Ready for the Great San Jose Meet on Friday and Saturday. - The San Francisco Call, 13 Apr 1895

The start was made promptly at 2:30 P. M. on the county road, just outside San Mateo, where a large crowd had assembled. To assist and encourage the rider, tandem pacing was introduced, the team that led him from the start being H. F. Terrill and T. A. Griffiths. A terrific pace was set and Wells was soon out of sight of the starting point. Two miles down the road another tandem team was put in, ridden by S. B. Vincent and E. Languetin. Being fresh they made the gait equally as fast as the other team, which, by the way, contrary to all precedent, kept right up and continued to assist in leading Wells along to glory.

NEW FIVE-MILE RECORD. - Charles S. Wells' Fast Ride Over the San Mateo Course - The San Francisco Call, 10 Jun 1895

George P. Wetmore, T. Alfred Griffiths and Will H. Toepke, of the Bay City Wheelmen, have returned from a three weeks' vacation trip in Sonoma County.

THE WHEELMEN. San Francisco Call, 14 August 1897

Owing to the death of T. Alfred Griffiths, a prominent member and racing man of the club, the fourteenth anniversary party of the Bay City Wheelmen, which was to have been held at the Palace Hotel maple room this evening, has been indefinitely postponed.

Mr. Griffiths was an old and popular member of the club. He has carried its colors to victory in scores of road and track events.

He was first taken ill with an affliction about a year ago. A trip to Honolulu afforded him no relief, and since his return he has been gradually sinking, until the end came yesterday morning.

Mr. Griffiths was the son of Captain Thomas H. Griffiths, master of the bark Albert. He was 25 years of age, and held a responsible position with J. D. Spreckels & Bros. Co.

The funeral will take place to-morrow at 2 o'clock from the family residence, 34 Liberty street.

BAY CITY PARTY HAS BEEN POSTPONED - San Francisco Call - February 08, 1899

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