Frank W. Fuller

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Frank Whittier Fuller 1876 – 1928

Brother of George Fuller and Parmer Fuller


Olympic Club Wheelmen

Martin Espinosa, Edward Stack, J. A. R. Johnson, J. H. Ballin, O. A. Weihe, J. H. Dieckman Jr., F. L. Fuller, O. B. Burns, L. B. Thomas, H. C. Massie, L. H. Cox, W. B. Lovegrove, L. D. Owens, J. L. Fagothey, G. H. Stratton, S. G. Scovern, H. C Hahn, H. S. Russ, N. A. Robinson, J. M. Rogers, Henry Rogers, Harry Gibbs, J. W. Mullen, W. P. Fuller, T. C. Masteller, Frank Twichell, Cress Unger and H. H. White are some of the prominent and active members of the wheelmen.

OLYMPIC CYCLISTS. Young Men Who Will Boom Wheeling. Some Reminiscences of the Sport. - Sat, Oct 14, 1893 - Page 10 - San Francisco Chronicle

The first heat of the mile novice had three starters. Fuller cut out the pace, bụt on the seventh lap he was passed by Metcalf, who looked over his shoulder to see where his opponent was. This act disqualified him, but he won the heat easily in 2:37 2-5. When the referee announced that Metcalf was disqualified the latter's friends set up a big howl. The decision was right, however.


The starters in the fourth heat were F. Fuller, 25 yards; P. Metcalf, 25 yards; E. W. Decker, 35 yards; E. S. Battles, 60 yards. In the second lap young Frank Fuller dashed into the fence just after turning the east curve and was completely knocked out. He was carried unconscious to his dressing-room, and many ladies who had witnessed the accident left their seats and went home. The race was won by Decker, with Battles second. Time, 10 2-5 seconds.

SILENT WHEELS AND LOUD FALLS. - Bicycle Tournament Mechanics' Pavilion - Elwell - cartoons - The San Francisco Call, 20 Feb 1895

There are several tandem teams in the Olympic Club Wheelmen, prominent among whom were the Fuller brothers. Since Frank Fuller went East C. F. Lemon has taken the rear seat, and with George Fuller on front they make a speedy class A team.

THE WHEELMEN. San Francisco Call, Volume 78, Number 15, 15 June 1895

Frank W. Fuller, one of the leading spin its in the Olympic Club Wheelmen, leaves to-day for the East. He expects to make an extended trip and while there will act as a delegate from the Northern California division to the National Assembly at Albany. He was appointed to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Walter B. Sheldon

Frank W. Fuller, Olympic Club, goes east as delegate for LAW 16 Jan 1897, Sat San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, California)

Frank W. Fuller, the second of California's delegates to the National Assembly of Wheelmen, has returned from the East. He is outspoken in his opinion of the Eastern delegates, who pledged their support to the measures favored by this division and then cast their votes against them.

Frank W. Fuller, 2nd of California's delegates to the National Assembly of League of Amer. Wheelmen 02 Mar 1897, Tue The San Francisco Examiner (San Francisco, California)

The members of the Olympic Club Wheelmen are devising means to revive interest in cycling club runs, and to that end have appointed a special committee to confer with Captain Hadenfeldt.

The committee consists of T. G. Spillane, J. H. Nash, Frank W. Fuller and W. C. Corbett, and the first move will be to schedule the proposed runs at least thirty days in advance, this keeping the members informed of desirable outing trips. Captain H. D. Hadenfeldt was re-elected Captain for the ensuing term, in accordance with the custom by which the road officers are chosen every six months. He will reappoint Lieutenants Spillane and Nash.


Frank W. Fuller, George H. Stratton and George Fuller of the Olympic Club Wheelmen have returned from a fortnights' camping trip to Mendocino county. They brought back many souvenirs of their trip and have stirring tales of adventure to relate.

Olympic Wheelmen Name Officers. - The San Francisco Examiner, 28 Jul 1897

President T. J. Winslow of the Imperial Cycling Club has not yet received any acceptance of his challenge, as published in The Cal last Sunday, to race the president of any other club in this City five miles on the road, President Charles Albert Adams of the Olympic Club Wheelmen preferred. Since Mr. Adams was forced to lower his colors to the superior pedaling proclivities of Frank Fuller a month or two ago, he has not done any active training, but would like to offer E. F. Russ or J. E. Wing as a substitute, if Mr. Winslow does not mind. If this is satisfactory, the match can undoubtedly be arranged for an early date. Otherwise President Wynne of the Californias will undoubtedly take on the doughty flier of the Imperials.

THE WHEELMEN. San Francisco Call, 14 August 1897

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