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George Thomas Andrews November 1875 – 19 November 1920


Those on the run were Captain Thomas H. Doane, George P. Wetmore, Alex M. Burns, Charles Dietle, Alfred J. Storey, Arthur Barnes, Horace B. Sperry, Calvin N. Langton, Wallace Thompson, Theodore C. Dodge, Albert F. Buneman, Charles H. Rankin, George H. Bell and George Andrews, and "Tom," the club dog. Edwin Mohrig and Robert M. Welch started for a century run yesterday morning in order to get a bar for their "Century Club" badges.

Not a run, but rather a "climb and coast" - Mon, Nov 16, 1891, Page 3, San Francisco Chronicle

A. J. Storey, C. N. Langton, A. Barnes, Charles Dietle and G. T. Andrews arrived at Virginia City, Nev., last Wednesday from this city, having made the trip on bicycles in seven days. The party found a depth of 10 feet of snow on the summit of the Sierras, and made a detour at Truckee to Lake Tahoe.

CHAT ABOUT THE CYCLE. - A Brief Sketch of the Garden City Cyclers. - Frank Waller Makes a New World's Record. - The Coming Century Run - Straight Spokes. - The San Francisco Call, Jun 13, 1892

The Bay City Wheelmen are booming now as never before. A large influx of desirable new members has brought the list up to nearly 175, the limit. The club's annual election seemed to suit all the members but one, and he has been compromised, and the newly elected officers, as announced in yesterday's CALL, have taken hold of things with a vim worthy of emulation by other clubs. The clubrooms are to be all retinted and every carpet in the house is to be taken up and cleaned. A new flooring is to be laid in the wheel-room, and the training-rooms are to be provided with additional accommodations. A ladies' night will be given in a couple of weeks. Captain Plummer has called a run to Stockton by boat Saturday evening, October 5, which will doubtless be attended by all the members and their friends. If the following Monday is a holiday (Labor day), as some think, a two days' stay will be made. The club's annual entertainment at Odd Fellows' Hall will be a high-class vaudeville instead of a minstrel show this year, and the date has been set for Monday evening, November 4. To-morrow a number of the members, paced by George Andrews and Alfred Griffiths on a Rambler tandem, will endeavor to ride a century under seven hours. If it is as warm as at this writing they will have a hot time of it surely.

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 28 Sep 1895

At 2 o'clock to-morrow afternoon Emil Languetin of the Bay City Wheelmen will start from San Leandro and endeavor to ride five miles to Haywards in less than 11 minutes 35 seconds, which is the coast record. He will be paced by his club-mates, Andrews and Griffiths, Hall and Menne, on tandems, and feels confident that he can ride the distance in about eleven minutes flat.

THE WHEELMEN. - San Francisco Call - October 26, 1895

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